An entrepreneur and the story behind the business

Kauri Tervashonka

I am Kauri Tervashohka, an entrepreneur behind's story started by an accident. When I was at school, like other students, I would go to different kind of student parties and in the years 2009-2010 I saw some weird, glowing sticks at some parties, which were a completely new thing for me and for many other students. At the time, in Finland you couldn't get these funny sticks called glowsticks anywhere, so slowly I started thinking about starting my own business. Glowsticks were not really known as glowsticks at the time in Finland.

Idea took off and in the summer of 2010 I opened Already the first fall's sale was a suprise and very quickly it was realized that a bigger rental place was needed.

For the first couple years business was rolling under a trade name and since 2014 has been rolling more professionally with a name Glow Finland LLC. At the moment company is employing two other part-time workers besides me and occasionally couple freelancers.

Personally, I want to offer the best possible service and the best possible products to our customers.

Kauri Tervashonka

Company's goal

In Finland we are already a significant party supplier seller and our goal is to continue our same steady 20-40 % yearly growth, how our company has grown so far. For the whole operation time our purpose has been to do things better than others: to offer more information about the products, enable the best customer experience possible and to serve customers in the best possible way.

The selection in our online store is very close to our heart. All products are tested and if some of them doesn't work, it will be taken out. For the whole 5 year history of our online store, the percent of returns has been just some permilles, which also  tells about the good quality of the products.

Basic information about the company has been established in 2010. The company behind the online store is Glow Finland LLC (business ID: 2592304-7). Company has no other business besides the online store. 

Glow Finland uses value added tax and all prices include VAT 24%.

Contact information

+358 44-978 4976
valotikut at