An unforgettable birthday:
ideas for an adult birthday party

We often think that birthday parties are for children and there is no need to celebrate getting older when you’re an adult. Most adults only organize a birthday party when they are turning decades like thirty or fifty. We think there is always a good reason to party and what would be a better reason than celebrating a new year full of new opportunities? We gathered some tips that will help you organize an unforgettable adult birthday party.


Do you and your friend have birthdays close to each other or at opposite ends of the calendar? You can get creative when celebrating a birthday and the party doesn’t always have to be on the actual big day. Organize a double birthday with your bestie and celebrate your years added together. You can also host a halfway-birthday when there is an equal amount of days to both of your birthdays.

An adult birthday party doesn’t differ from a children’s party that much – the elements are the same, but with a different twist. Make sure to check out our best tips for hosting a children’s party as well. A traditional birthday party usually includes good food, tasty drinks and hanging out. You can enjoy a traditional party, tweak it to the next level with some extra elements or organize an unforgettable birthday bash with all the goods. Whatever you choose, keep reading and grab our tips into action!

Birthday menu – what to serve your guests at a birthday party?

The style of a birthday menu is usually linked to the style and time of the party as well as the number of guests attending. If you’re hosting a super chill hangout party at your home, a cheese plate works wonders. Plate different types of cheeses, marmalades, salty crackers, nuts and fruit for your table. Each guest can build their meal according to their taste and even try new combinations. Another easy and fun way to organize your birthday meal is tapas. This way each guest can grab something to eat when they feel like it all through the evening. If you want something more modern and different, serve some sushi at your party.

If you’ve decided to host a party with more glamour, you can organize a fancy sit down dinner for your birthday. For example, you can serve a well thought out three course dinner, including drinks paired with the dishes. If your party has a bigger crowd, they will be well fed with a buffet style meal. Good buffet dishes are for example baked chicken and potato frittata. Work with simple but tasty dishes and everyone will find something to eat during the evening.

A birthday cake is a strong tradition at any birthday party. You can choose a more traditional cream cake, a modern cheesecake or even a fun ice cream cake. Cupcakes are also a popular dessert to serve instead of cake if you feel like doing something a bit different for your birthday. Coffee based drinks, such as Irish coffee, serve as excellent dessert drinks if you feel like you need a little boost after dinner.

Sometimes it’s tradition to start your birthday celebrations in the morning with your closest friends or family. A relaxed breakfast or brunch is a perfect way to start your special day with the people you love! A breakfast works well also on the day after the party when guests will crawl out of their beds to get some well needed food and go through the epic events of your awesome party.

Drinks, punch and other refreshments for an adult birthday

An adult birthday party usually includes alcohol in one way or another. It’s common to raise a toast of champagne or sparkling wine at the beginning of the party and after that move on to enjoy other refreshments. Punch is always a great choice for any party, because it’s easy to prepare in large quantities and most people enjoy it. For guests with a sweet tooth a good punch is Man with a melon. If you’re looking for something a little bit more fresh and zingy, try out Primavera punch.

If you want to take punch to the next level, choose a couple of drinks and stock up on ingredients for them. Prepare and cut up all the fruit before the party and set up all the supplies for an awesome drinks bar for your guests. Remember to print out some drink recipes so your guests know what to make from the ingredients. With a home bar kit you will receive everything you need to set up a cool and well operating drinks bar at home.


Once you’ve chosen which drinks you’re going to serve, come up with funny new names for them. Something that describes the person being celebrated works wonders. Your imagination is your only limit and these new names will give your guests a good laugh for sure!

Drinking games are a fun way to lift you the birthday party spirit at your event. One popular drinking game is beer pong which will keep your guests entertained for a good time during the party. The rules are simple: you set up cups in the form of a triangle at each end of the table. Pour a couple of centimeters of drink into each cup and fill one cup with water. The cup with water will be used to wash the balls between turns. The idea of the game is to get your balls to stay in the opponent’s cups. At the end of each turn the cups with balls in them will be emptied by drinking. The empty cups will be removed from the table and the one who clears the table first is the winner. You can get some extra excitement to beer pong by shutting the lights and setting up a strobe light near the game table.

Another fun drinking game is Alias. Divide your guests into teams or play as individuals: the rules are the same as in Alias normally, but for each wrong answer you have to drink. If you’re feeling creative, you can come up with your own drinking game. The drinking game set consists of six different colored shot glasses, a holder and two dices. The set makes it possible to play several different drinking games and only your imagination is the limit. You can also test your guests’ creativity and challenge them to come up with their own drinking game during the evening – make sure to reward the most innovative one!

Program and games for a birthday

Someone might think it’s silly to play games at an adult birthday party, but we take the right to disagree. Playing lifts team spirit, makes you laugh and is entertaining. When planning the program, it’s good to take into consideration what type of person the star of the day is. What type of games would describe them best? It’s also good to keep in mind what type of guests are coming and what type of games they would like to participate in.

If your birthday program requires dividing the guests into teams, you can make that a part of the program as well. When your guests arrive, ask them to choose a glow stick or drink umbrella, but don’t tell them why. When the official program begins, it’s easy to divide teams based on what the guests chose as they arrived: the same color glowsticks in the same team and so on. This is an excellent ice breaker, since guests won’t be able to team up with people they know but are forced to mingle with other people as well.

One cool idea for an adult party is birthday bingo. You can select things that normally happen at a party to put on your bingo board, but human bingo is also a great choice. Basically, you collect facts about the guests at your party for the bingo board. When guests mingle during the evening and get to know each other, they can match the facts on the bingo board to the guests at the party. Let your imagination fly with this one!


If you want to add an extra factor to you bingo, create a secret mission of clues made with invisible ink. Write down your clues on the bingo board with invisible ink and make sure to leave UV light in a visible place. The guests that point the UV light to the bingo board will realize the extra clues and be able to fill in the board much faster. Make sure your prizes are worth competing for to get your guests in the right mood to play.

Photography contests work well at adult birthdays. One way is to give your guests a list of things they must photograph during the evening. The person or team that completes the most things off the list wins. Your prize can be a party package to give your guests some extra glow for the rest of the evening. Quizzes about the person being celebrated work at any party but are especially great for a birthday. A musical quiz from their birth year to this day is also a cool idea.

Spin the bottle is one of the most traditional party games. You can get some extra excitement to the game by dimming the lights and using a small portable disco ball instead of a bottle for spinning. The person who the disco ball points to has to answer the truth or complete a dare. Remember to capture your guests in some photos during the evening. A photobooth is a good choice to do this: prepare a background, some props and a tablet for the photobooth. The guests can digitally save their photos on the tablet and after the party you can upload them on a cloud service and send the link to your guests. This way they can save the best shots as memories. If a polaroid camera or printer is available for your party, the guests can print out their favorite shots right away.

Organize a birthday that’s a little different

Sometimes a traditional birthday party feels boring or you want to do something extra special and organize an unforgettable bash. When you’re looking for something a little different to your party, you can accomplish it in a couple of different ways: choose a unique location, focus on a theme or organize a surprise party.

A cool place to organize an adult birthday is on a cruise where even the most traditional program will get refreshed as you sail through the seas. Reserve a private conference room or sauna for your group so you can enjoy getting ready with some fun program. The rest of the evening will soar by in the restaurants, bars and night clubs on board. Remember to accessorize your guests with glow stick bracelets or LED glasses and you won’t lose anyone in the swirls of the dance floor. After all the fun everyone can crawl into their cabin and not have to worry about finding a way home.

Normally we don’t really see a summer cottage or villa as a place to party. Despite the name cottage parties can be quite epic! When the sun starts to set, you can organize a UV hunt where your guests will receive a map and go around the area of your cottage seeking letters that glow in the light of UV flashlights. You can draw the letters in invisible ink. Once the guests have found all the letters, they have to put them in order to get a clue to where they will find their prize. Make sure to utilize the cottage environment as much as possible: have a little pampering moment at the sauna and create a nice atmosphere with candles and a fireplace. When the food, drinks and company are spot on, the party can’t go wrong.

There are endless ideas for a theme party! Popular themes for birthdays are the year the person being celebrated was born or the decade they spent their teens. Especially 80’s parties have been a big hit in recent years. An 80’s party is nothing without some over the top neon colors - glow sticks fit perfectly into the theme! If your birthday boy or girl is passionate about fitness, you can combine the two and organize an energetic 80’s fitness party. If they are more into art, get all your guests to dress up as famous pieces of art.


Remember to tie the theme to everything related to the party from invitations to thank you notes and appetizers to drink choices.


If you’re organizing a party for a smaller crowd, you can make the theme more interesting by telling each guest a different theme and personalizing each invite with that theme. The guests will definitely be surprised as they start to arrive, each in completely different attire: one in a Halloween costume, one dressed up for a fancy dinner and the third ready to rock in 90’s style.

Sometimes the person being celebrated hasn’t planned to celebrate their big day at all. If this is the case, it’s fun to organize a surprise party. This type of party will require a little more setting up and a lot of whispering behind the person’s back, but if you pull it off, it will be epic. You can use all the tips given in this article for a surprise party as well!

Birthday present – what kind of gift to get?

What to buy a person that already has everything? Buying a present for an adult birthday party is one of the toughest parts of being a guest. You don’t want to buy anything the other person doesn’t need, but also don’t want to be the one showing up empty handed. The best presents in life are experiences and gifts you have made yourself. Here are a few tips for adult birthday presents:

1. Gift card

Usually we know the gift receiver well enough to have a hunch on what they like. A gift card to their favorite shop or store related to their hobby is bound to be a success. Gift cards for pampering and restaurants are always a safe choice.

2. Something you can experience together

We are all so caught up in everyday life that we don’t get to spend as much time with the people we love as we would like. By giving someone an experience you can share together, you will get to spend time with them while doing something fun. Some experiences that will go well as a gift are adventure parks for adults, a dinner and night out or cultural events that you both will enjoy.

3. Do it yourself

Sometimes the gifts you make yourself are the best gifts. If you have musical talent, you can come up with new words to a hit song. Surprise the birthday person with a good old musical performance! If you choose a ballad, be sure to dim the lights and hand glow stick to all the guests so they can get into the right mood. If music is not your thing, you can craft a picture collage about your friendship or knit some socks in the gift receiver’s favorite color.

Remember this when organizing a birthday party

The program is an essential part of any party and birthdays are no exception. Remember with games and especially drinking games it’s good to let everyone participate only in the extent they feel comfortable in. When everyone is feeling relaxed and doesn’t take any pressure for the program, the party will be more enjoyable in general. You should always time the program so that your guests have had some time to settle in. This way they will be more relaxed and have had time to mingle with everyone. Remember to keep the parts of your program short and give your guests some time to breathe between them.

Pay attention to how you decorate the venue. You can make any room or space a stylish birthday venue with a little love. A banner with the person’s name and age or “happy birthday” works well as décor for a birthday. You can also add some extra something to your venue with disco lights, glow sticks and disco balls. If you’re organizing the party at home, the lighting is easiest to set up by using the light fixtures already available. When you change the light bulbs to a classic white strobe, a multicoloured disco light or UV light the space will transform into party mood instantly.

Whatever type of birthday party you decide to host, it’s important that it looks and feels like the person being celebrated! Invite friends and family, serve some tasty dishes and get your drinks in the cooler. Add a touch of extra glow and sparkle to your venue and come up with an epic program that will be remembered for a long time. Take on your new age with a smile on your face and your head held high – you’re never too old for a good party!


Many people choose to send party invites through Facebook. It’s good to remember that not everyone is active on social media, so it’s good to make sure the invite has made it by sending a text or calling. This way no one will miss out on an amazing party because an invite got lost on the way to them!