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Brighten up your party with a drinking game! This drinking game includes the tray, six shot glasses and two dices. The whole set is made of durable PC, and because of its durability, it is a brilliant choice for a party. All parts are machine washable.


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Brighten up your party with a drinking game! This durable drinking game set is made of PC, and is therefore a great choice for a house party, for example. PC is a professional choice because of its durability. Practically every night club and bar relies on bar products that are made of PC.

This complete drinking game set includes a shot glass holder, six coloured shot glasses and two dices. The sides of the dices are colours and correspond to the colours of the shot glasses.

There are no instructions for the drinking game, so you can develop your own rules.

For example:

  • Players take turns in throwing the dices: if both of the dices show the same colour, the player has to drink up the drink from the shot glass of that colour.
  • Fill up the shot glasses with different coloured drinks or decorate them with different colours. If the colours of the shot glass and the drink/ decoration match, you may drink up the shot.
  • The most intoxicating and surprising version of the game is the one, in which the glasses are filled up half way with different drinks or mixers. The colours of the dices are going to tell, which two shots are going to be mixed together: someone may get two mixers and someone else two strong drinks combined.

If you wish, you can also fill up the glasses in the middle of the game or vary whether you want some of them to contain water or mixers. In that way, you can increase the element of surprise. You can also play the game without filling up the glasses in the middle of the game. In that way, some players may have an empty glass while others need to drink up the shots every time.

Remember to be responsible when playing this game.

The whole set is machine washable.

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