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Prepare dashing drinks for your house parties! This Home Bar Kit includes all the necessary equipment for mixing drinks and cocktails in your own home. The kit comes with a drink recipe booklet, to help you develop into a skilled bar tender for your home bar.


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This Home Bar Kit includes all the necessary equipment for preparing drinks for your house parties! With this kit, it is easy to start your own home bar. The products have been selected amongst those designed for professional use. Therefore, they are equivalent to the ones used in bars and restaurants.

A three-piece shaker is the basic element in a bar kit. With it, blending ice with the ingredients is easy. The shaker can also be used as a base for crushing ice cubes or fruit pieces. Ingredients are measured into the shaker. Then, they are mixed up by shaking, or with a crusher. The lid of the shaker closes tightly, and the ingredients can be poured out through the strainer included in the kit, or through the built-in strainer in the lid.

The shaker is made of stainless steel, and therefore, endures heavy use. The capacity of the largest piece is half a litre, so you can shake or crush even larger amounts of ingredients at once.

Another basic element is the jigger measure, which enables you to measure in strong alcoholic drinks. Jigger measure includes two measuring cups: a 4cl cup on one side, and a 2cl cup on the other. The most common beverage sizes can be measured by switching sides, when needed. Additionally, inside of both cups, there are markings for 1-4cl, in case you need to measure in 1 or 3cl. The jigger measure is also made of durable stainless steel.

The kit comes with a bar spoon, which makes mixing ingredients easy. The arm of the spoon is twisted steel, so it is easy to hold. Because of its length (27,5cm), your hands remain always clean while mixing. One end has a spoon, and the other, a crusher, which makes the spoon easier to grab.

With the kit, you receive also a wooden crusher, which makes it simple to crush ice cubes and other ingredients. Ingredients are measured in a glass or the shaker, in which they can be crushed with the crusher. 

With a cocktail strainer, you can sift ice cubes and fruit peels. Place the strainer on the bottom part of the shaker (the biggest piece), so that it covers the whole opening. The strainer has a spring that tightens it into the opening. Additionally, there is a separate part, which you can use to help hold the strainer in place with your finger. The drink flows into a glass through the holes in the strainer, but larger ice cubes and fruit peels remain in the shaker. The spring is removable for wash.

With the Home Bar Kit, you receive a recipe booklet, which includes recipies for five drinks. These drinks are easy to make, and the booklet includes step-by-step instructions for preparation. The recipe booklet is created by Markus Sillanpää, a triple Finnish Champion in Cocktail Mixing.

To accompany the Home Bar Kit, we recommend also decorations and drinking straws.

It is recommended to wash all the pieces of the Home Bar Kit, by hand.

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