Red Cup set for beer pong


Authentic Solo Red Cups in big sets of 50 pieces. These cups are the ones you have probably seen in American movies. A must-have for a beer pong night with friends! Beer pong is a great activity for student parties.


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All of us must have seen the red, disposable cups in American movies. These same cups are used at student parties, barbeques and in the beer pong. Now, you can get these iconic red cups from us.

These are the real and authetic cups by Solo Cup Company. Cups are delivered in sets of 50, and the capacity is an approximate pint-size, 473 millilitres. The lines on the side of the cup are designed to help with dosing: the lowest line equals 3 cl of liquids, and the lines above measure 15 cl and 35 cl.

Red Cups are considerably more durable and sturdier than normal disposable cups. That is why they are suitable for playing beer pong, for example. The colour is bright red, which is also favoured by children. In addition, they easily outlast regular disposable cups at children's parties.

Information about beer pong:

Beer pong is a familiar game to many people, as it can be played in different kinds of social events. The goal of the game is to get the opponent to drink beer, and usually it is played in pairs.

For the game, you need a 1,5-2-meter-long table, these red cups, two ping pong balls and beer (or other drinks). It is also possible to play this game without alcohol. You also need two cups of water to rinse the balls.

This game is usually played in teams of two people, equalling four players in total. The rules of the game might differ depending on the group, so it is preferable to go through the rules before the game starts.

The setup and the rules of beer pong:

The setup is shown in the picture below. In the beginning, cups are located in both ends of the table, in a form of a triangle, as in the picture. Usually, triangle is formed with 10 cups, but a smaller triangle with 6 cups is also possible. In that case, there are three cups on each side of the triangle.

Beer pong -pelin ohjeet

Each cup is filled with a drink of a centiliter or two. The amount of drink can be determined by the players - the more there is alcohol, the more drunk you can get. Usually, in both ends of the table, there is a Red Cup filled with two cans of beer, so each player will drink one beer during the game. 

In both ends of the table, there is also a cup full of water. This is where the balls are rinsed off between the turns.

To start the game, one of the teams throws the ping ball from their side towards the other end of the table, aiming to hit the opponent's cups. Aiming is important, because the goal is to get the ball in a cup, and to get it to stay there. Both players of the team throw one ball, so one turn includes two throws.

When both balls have been thrown, the cups with balls in them have to be drunk. On each turn, there can be 0-2 cups to drink, depending on how skilled the players are. The empty cups are then removed from the table.

When both balls have been thrown and cups have been emptied, the turn goes to the other team. This is when the balls should be rinsed in a water cup for hygienic reasons.

The game goes on:

The game goes on, until one of the teams has been able to empty all the cups of their opponent's side of the table. The amount of cups will be reduced everytime someone throws a ping ball in a cup. Cups can also be re-arranged as in the picture below. Alternatively, you can make an agreement before the game, i.e. to allow re-arranging the cups of the opponent twice during the game.

Beer pong -pöydän peliasetelma

The winner is the team, who first succeeds in hitting all the opponent's cups. With other words, the winner is the one, who empties the opponent's side of the table.

Special situations:

As mentioned before, there can be different kinds of rules for beer pong. This depends on what the players decide in the beginning of the game. Here are some rules to be used:

  • If the ball bounces in the air, it can be free to be taken. Basically, this means that the one who catches the bouncing ball fastest, can have the next throw. In case the ball bounces back from the side of the cup, and the team that threw the ball catches it, they will get an extra throw. So, it is very important to get the ball straight into the cup.
  • The previous rule can be adapted so, that before the ball bounces, the players can try to disrupt its path by blowing on it. This is challenging, because you have to blow very hard. Rinsing off the balls in between turns is especially important, when using this rule!
  • If both players in the same team throw their balls into the same cup, you can decide, if the team in turn can point to another cup for their opponent to drink. This way, you can maneuver the arrangement for your own benefit. Usually, it is good to aim for the cups closest to each other, as they are easier to hit.
  • If a cup falls over, a separate punishment can be determined for it. For example, the team who knocks down a cup, can automatically lose the game.

In general, it is good to go through the rules of the game and decide on special situations, before you start playing.

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