Ideas for children's parties

Are you looking for some ideas how to organize children's parties? Why not to have a children's party with a glow theme? You can find everything you need from us to organize glow-birthday parties, for example.

In this article, we have collected information about products that are suitable especially for kids. Some of the glowstick are not suitable for small children, but you can get plenty of safe led-products and glowsticks can also be used in children's parties too under a supervision of an adult.

Parties with a Star Wars-theme

Led light saber

Our light sword, that has the insane length of 73 centimeters, is excellent for a Star Wars theme! Light sword is available in green and red in our stock. Besides light sword, we could also recommend a led-baton, that is also almost half a meter long. The asset of a led-baton is that it is prepared out of foam rubber, so it is safe to use, too. Led-baton is also a lot more affordable to use and it runs on replacable batteries.

The most popular products for children's parties

4 inch glowsticks

4" glowstick, which is available in affordable 50 pieces set, has been one of the most popular items to be used at children's parties and especially at glow birthday parties. Glowstick is also small enough for a small child's hand and this model is extremely durable, too. The glowstick's glowing time is 6-8 hours.

We deliver 4" glowsticks to some professional children's party organizers and other companies that organize events for children. These 4" glowsticks have been tested and proved to be extremely good for several times. 

You can also find similar 6" glowsticks in sets of 50 in our selection. Both 4" and 6" glowstick packages include necklaces. Both models include hooks for attachment, too.

Glow in the dark bunny ears and eyeglasses sold by us are also very popular at children's parties and at glow-birthday parties. Connectors are small enough to be suitable for kids too. All connectors sold by us are compatible with 8" glowsticks. Buying connectors and glowsticks separately is an affordable option, but we also sell sets of both.

Some of the most popular products are sold in party sets. Party sets include few options that are built together, everything from drink sets to megalomanic party packages. Party packages are built with most popular products, and the package is usually a good way to get started with organizing your party without worrying more.

Ideas for decorating

Glow in the dark straw

Straws, which have a moving glowstick inside, are also very popular when organizing a children's party. This model is completely safe to use even for small kids.

Glow in the dark air balloons are also very popular at children's parties and at glow-birthday parties. Inside the balloon, is a small led light, that runs on a small battery and lasts about 15 hours! Air balloons create a nice atmosphere especially in a dimmed or dark space.

Glowsticks are good for decorating too. Almost all the products we sell come with attachments and glowsticks can be easily attached or hung. Depending on the model, glowsticks can last over 12 hours, so it is more than just few hours of joy.

Quick delivery straight from our warehouse

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