Children’s glow birthday and nine other ideas for children’s parties

Are you looking for ideas for a children’s party? Do you want to organize the party in a simple and easy way, but want to try out something new instead of traditional birthday ideas? There are many things that need to be taken into consideration while organizing a children’s party: décor, menu and program being the most important ones. A glow party, a treasure hunt with a UV twist and the ice cube game – we put together ten ideas to help you organize an unforgettable party for your kids!

Ideas for children’s parties

The products presented in this article are chosen keeping child friendliness in mind. Some glow sticks aren’t suitable for the very smallest members of the family, but LED products and most glow sticks are safe to use at children’s parties under adult supervision.

Glow birthday party – a unique children’s party

For children the world is full of magic and nothing makes their heads go “Wow!” as much as things glowing mysteriously. A glow birthday party is without question a different and unforgettable way to celebrate. A glow party can be as simple as having some glow sticks, but we recommend that you also get some connectors that help you make bracelets, necklaces, bunny ears or even crowns from the glow sticks. You can also choose a glow stick package that includes connectors for bracelets.

A party package is also an easy choice as it includes a wide variety of glow sticks and connectors. You can choose the party package that suits your needs from a few different sizes. Glow sticks are great as accessories, but also work well as table decorations or general décor at a venue.

Games are a natural part of children’s parties, and for example the fishing game is a popular choice of program. You can give the traditional game a little twist with some extra glow. Decorate the cloth covering the person hooking the prizes into an amazing underwater world with some UV paint. The cloth will look completely normal in daylight, but transform into its glow once you point it with a UV lamp – all the kids will be in awe! Top the glow fishing experience off by decorating the fishing pole with some UV graffa tape. If you want the “fish” to have some glow to them as well, you can use an LED light dolphin or star as a prize.

Star Wars themed party

Star Wars is a classic theme that kids love year after year. Naturally, a must-have at a Star Wars party are light sabers. For children’s parties we recommend especially the star light saber and the two-headed light saber. An option for light sabers is the soft LED baton that’s safe to use even if the kids get a little too rough in their play. You don’t always have to come up with something new and complicated for the program: just come up with ways to turn traditional party games into Star Wars versions. How does “pin the light saber on the Jedi” or “Who’s afraid of big black Vader” sound?

When planning a menu, create simple dishes with a Star Wars twist. Good foods for a Star Wars party are for example meatball asteroids, star shaped cheese cubes and fruit sabers. Top your menu off with an amazing Darth Vader cake and you’re good to go.

Sparkle and glitter – the dream party of a little princess

All kinds of sparkles and glitter are usually fancied by the little princesses in the family. With some glitter body gel you can create sparkling details in the guests face and hands. If you want to step up your glitter party, choose the glitter gel that glows in UV light. It sparkles beautifully in daylight and glows fantastically in UV light. If you go with the UV version, be sure to test some UV nail polish as well. It’s bound to be a hit as the nails are a pretty neon color in daylight but reach their full glow effect in UV light. UV highlights for hair work very well too.

Organize a beauty moment at the beginning of the party. This will be a good number for the program on its own, creating some excitement for the rest of the party. Finish off the birthday girl’s look with a cute LED heart necklace.

A glitter party wouldn’t be a glitter party without some glitter on the cake as well. You can try making your own edible glitter or buy some readymade edible glitter, sparkly toppings or even edible diamonds. Keep the menu simple and make it look pretty with a lot of sparkle.

Bubble party – the bubbliest party on the block

A bubble party is a hit and will keep especially the smaller members of the family entertained fantastically. You can organize a bubble race where the guests have to avoid getting hit by bubbles shooting out of a bubble machine. For older kids you can have different types of tasks to make the job a bit more difficult. These can be jumping on one foot or twirling around in circles.

A bubble gun is bound to be a hit as it’s equipped with flashing LED lights. A bubble theme works especially well for an outside summer party where kids can run around freely chasing the bubbles. If it’s a hot summer day you can also include a swimming pool at your party. Pour some bubble bath mix into the pool to create an even more bubbly children’s party.

If you want to go all the way with your bubble party, invest in some UV bubble liquid. If you want your bubbles to glow, you will of course need a dimmer environment and a working UV lamp to get the bubbles to show their full potential.

Treasure hunt with a UV twist – extra excitement for your party program

A treasure hunt is one of the most classic games to play at a children’s party. It’s possible to be organized in a lot of different ways depending on the guests’ age. If you’re hosting a party for children who are a little older, we recommend you give the treasure hunt a fun UV twist – it’s bound to be a success for everyone! This treasure hunt requires a little extra preparation but is totally worth it. Even the adult guests might enjoy this game as it is quite exciting.

Prepare yourself for the program with invisible ink and UV keychains. Plan a route at the venue and hide a treasure at the end of it. Make a map and mark some tips at the venue with the invisible ink. If you want, you can also make the map using invisible ink. This will create a super exciting extra factor to the game.

Invisible ink is, as the name states, invisible in daylight but as you point it with UV light the hints will magically appear, and the treasure will be found. The treasure itself can be for example a package of glow sticks: when the treasure is found a whole new part of the party can begin.

Wow factors for table décor – serve your menu with a glow

The menu at a children’s party can be very simple, and usually serving well known and traditional treats is the safest way to go when it comes to kids. But the way you serve a children’s party menu can be anything but traditional and boring! Cheer up the juice and soda jugs or children’s punch with some LED ice cubes. Finish up the drinks service with some glow in the dark straws. If you really want to make your guests sigh in awe, be sure to include some LED drinking glasses on your drinks table as well.

It’s very common to serve a lot of sugary treats at children’s parties. Sugar can cause a crazy kiddie hurricane going wild around your home as well as some not so nice nausea. So, make sure you include some savory snacks in your menu as well. A good option that goes down well for kids are swizzle sticks that you can make from different ingredients such as grapes, cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes and diced cucumber. If you don’t want to use the traditional bland swizzle sticks, add some sass to your table setting by using colorful sword shaped swizzle sticks.

Glow sticks are a great way to create some color and magic to your table décor with very little effort. You can scatter individual glow sticks around the table or trim the edge of your cake with some glow sticks put together with connectors – only your imagination is the limit!

Ice cube game – create new games for your party

If traditional party games aren’t your cup of tea, you can always come up with totally new ones. One idea for a party game is the ice cube game where participants move ice cubes from point A to point B in a spoon in their mouth. The game can be played individually or in teams.

The LED ice cube bowl is perfect for this game as the glowing lights change the color of ice cubes falling in the bowl to the colors of the rainbow. The ice cube bowl can be saved for later use at adult parties to keep drinks cool and crispy.

Follow the Glower aka the glowing leader

Follow the leader is a classical children’s game but why not give it a bit more glow? The rules of the game remain the same: one person is the leader that is the first in line. The leader goes around the venue, while everyone else follows and copies everything the leader does. The leader can for example spin his hands, bounce or dance.

What’s different to the traditional game is that in Follow the Glower the leader has bunny ears, glasses or some other glowing accessories that separate them from the rest of the guests. When it’s time to change the Glower the leader picks one person from the guests and gives the glowing accessories to them. Follow the Glower is an easy and fun game that everyone can participate in!

Minidisco – a children’s dance party

Dance is the best thing ever for many kids, so put on some upbeat children’s music and the dance party can begin! A children’s minidisco is easy to set up even in a small space. Invest in a disco ball set since nothing gets the kids’ groove on better than flashing and spinning lights to dance to. The music doesn’t have to be anything too special, just make sure it has an upbeat vibe. Though, if you really want to impress your small guests, be sure to include their Top 10 songs of the moment to your playlist.

You can make glow jewellery for the stars of the dance floor from glow sticks or let them draw something on their skin with a UV paint stick. UV light will make the paint glow magically. A UV lamp is easy to install in a normal lamp holder, so no special electrical work is needed.

Spice up a traditional birthday party

If you want to keep your party traditional, but want just a little bit of something extra, you have options for that as well. One thing that’s a must at any children’s party are balloons. Spice up the traditional balloon décor by changing the balloons to glow in the dark LED balloons.

Sometimes you might want to bring a nice ambience with candles but once you picture a pack of wild kids running around your house, you get second thoughts. A LED tealight is a safe choice to create the vibe you're looking for without having to worry about safety issues.

Sometimes children’s parties can get a little out of hand or you need to gather up everyone to host a part of the program. Make sure you clearly state the house rules at the beginning of the party and keep a glow in the dark whistle with you just in case: once you blow in the whistle, kids will know that they need to navigate to wherever you are.

More ideas for children’s parties

You’re allowed to be super creative when it comes to children’s parties! We gathered together a few ideas on organizing a fun children’s party, but the sky is the limit to how you can use glow in the dark products at your party. Many traditional games get a whole new dimension when you add glowing elements to them, and sometimes a package of glow sticks will keep wowing your child guests for a long time.

It’s common to have to run around in many stores and gather up supplies for your party well in advance. This takes time and if you leave the arrangements until the last minute, you might get a few too many grey hairs in the process. From our online store you can get basically everything you need for a glowing party with a fast home delivery. No stress.

Try out our suggestions or let your own imagination fly – we guarantee that you can create an unforgettable children’s party with glowing products! If you're looking for ideas for a more grown up party, be sure to check out our tips for an adult birthday party.