Confetti gun 24 pcs

Choose the size you want! Confetti gun can be used to shoot party glitter in the air, which will then slowly fall on the dance floor. These confetti guns are safe to use indoors, as they are not based on pyrotechnics but on a spring.


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A sufficient set of 24 confetti guns for real party people. The confetti gun shoots confetti glitter in the air, and creates atmosphere on a dancefloor of a house parties, or company parties. These are great props for an adult birthday party as well.

Confetti guns are easy to use: remove the plastic and aim towards the sky, rotate the screw at the bottom of the gun, and the confetti will shoot up in the air. Both models are made with a spring method, so they can also be used indoors.

The smaller confetti gun is 10 cm long and will shoot decorations for even up to 1,5 meters. The bigger confetti gun is 20 cm long and can shoot decorations for up to 3 meters in the air. Both work with the same principle, but have different amounts of decorations inside and shoot in different heights.

We recommend that confetti gun will not be used without adult supervision. They can be used at children's parties, when being supervised and used by an adult.

Both packages include 24 confetti guns.

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