Cookie Policy

We use analytics, which help us produce and develop our services. With the help of the analytics, we monitor the functionality of our services. They also help in targeting our marketing to users. Analytics are also used to clarify possible errors that have occurred.

What kind of information do we collect?

Analytics and marketing solutions use cookies, as well as different network identifiers. They are used to analyse what kind of websites the user visits, and which features of the service the user makes use of.

Can a user be identified when using a network identifier?

The purpose of the analytics is not to connect the data from the analytics to the customer data. Information about the search engine or the device can be connected to the analytics data. However, the user cannot be identified through those.

How can a user decline the usage of cookies and network identifiers?

The user can decline the use of cookies and network identifiers, other than those necessary for producing the service. 

You can decline by using the following links:

  • Google Adwords: Decline the targeted marketing
  • Google Analytics: You can download a Google addon into your serch engine, which prevents tracking. You can download the addon here.

If a user wants to decline the use of all cookies, it can be done through the settings of the search engine. In that case, we cannot guarantee the full functionality of all our services.

Privacy policy

A separate privacy policy statement is found here.