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1. This is how to speed up the process If you want more information about a product or about your order, attach all the information needed in your first email (for example your name, order number or a link for the product). This is how you can speed up the process and we can answer your question right away without contacting you for additional questions. If you've been in touch with us before about the same issue, use the same method of communication for example reply to the message that was sent to you before. 

2. Choose the customer service channel of your choise We are a small company, but we try to respond to all questions as quickly as possible regardless of the channel. Responding time is usually few hours during business days. We try to respond to all messages during weekends and evenings too as well as possible.

Facebook Messenger is the most convenient way to connect with us

Facebook Messenger is the most convenient way to contact us. You can ask anything related to orders or products via Facebook Messenger and we will respond to you as soon as we can, usually outside normal business hours too.

Type your question in the message box on this page and the message will be sent to us via Facebook. When we respond to you, you can find the message in your Facebook Messages-box or you can read it with you Facebook mobile app.

Other ways to contact

Contact form 

If you want you can also contact us with a contact form.

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Call us

If you want to be in touch by phone, you can call us at +358 44-978 4976. Because we are a small company, we don't have a call center support, so if we can't respond at the time when you are calling, we will call you back soon.

Send us email

You can send us email at You can also respond to any of the emails that have been previously sent from us, if it is about the same topic as the previous email.