A Strobe Light Set with ten LED lights


One unit with 10 LED operated strobe lights. The lights are chained into a 10-meter-long series. Therefore, you can decorate a big area with one connection. Thanks to the 150-cm-long connection cable you can install your decorative lights wherever you want. The lights flash once every second.


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Create an ambience to your party with strobe lights! These lights flash once every second. They are connected to create a 10-meter-long chain, and therefore, can create an ambience for a large area.

At their best, these strobe lights are when combined with other disco lights from our selection. Each light flashes separately. therefore, it is not suitable to be used for lighting.

Lights are LED operated, and provide a long-lasting option for the use in house parties or even in a bar.

The unit is 11.5 meters long. In the beginning part of the sequence, there is a 1.5-meter-long electricity cable, and the lights are set 1 meter apart from one another. The unit weighs 1 kg. Therefore, you can hang it easily, e.g. to a ceiling. Lights are operated with 230V AC power.

The lights are IP44 classified, and therefore, spill-proof. They are at their best when used, e.g. in a bar or a house party environment.The lights can also be temporarily used outdoors.

The instructions are in English.

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