Complete Disco Ball Set


A complete disco ball set to get parties started. The delievry includes a disco ball with an engine, an efficient lamp and an extra colour disc with an engine for creating colours. This is a complete set, which is ready for use after installation!


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A disco ball is the center of the party, but what would it be without a proper light or an engine? This package includes them both. It also includes an extra colour disc with an engine to enable you to use the whole spectrum of colours for a very affordable price.

The diameter of the disco ball is 20 centimeters. It is delivered with an engine, a 33 cm chain and a light. At the top/side of the light is a place for the colour disc.


This efficient spotlight runs on mains electricity (230V). The wattage of the lamp is 30W, so it provides a very intensive light.

Lamp weighs 1 kg, and its dimensions are 160x150x170mm (length x width x height). It is easy to attach to a desired location with the stand attachments (see the product image).

Disco ball and the engine:

An engine and a 33 cm chain will be delivered with the disco ball. With the chain, the ball can be attached i.e. to a ceiling. The engine runs on mains electricity (230V), and the speed of rotation is approximately 1,5 rounds per minute.

The diameter of the disco ball is 20 cm, and it weighs 0,7 kg.

Colour disc with an engine:

With the delivery, you receive also a colour disc, which makes it possible to colour any room with different shades. Colours on the disc are red, green, yellow and blue. The diameter of the disc is 23 centimeters.

The engine is delivered with the colour disc. The engine is attached on the edge of the light, and it runs on mains electricity (230V). The engine rotates the colour disc with the speed of an ~3 rounds per minute

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