Disco Ball (diameter 5-75 cm)

A disco ball is the center of the party: hang it on the ceiling, and the party is ready to start! You can select the disco ball to your liking out of several different options. In order to get most out of your disco ball, and make it rotate, consider purchasing a proper engine with it.


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A disco ball gets the party started! The idea is to reflect some light on the mirror ball. When the ball rotates, cool effects are created on the walls.

All disco balls come with solid attachment hooks, but without a chain. A proper attachment chain can be purchased as an accessory. In addition to the chain, we recommend for you to purchase an engine, to make the most out of your disco ball.

We recommend additional lights with the disco ball. As a DIY solution you can also use a spotlight, focused directly on a rotating disco ball.

The models of 40-50 cm are usually the largest you can spot in normal bars. These models require a proper engine. You need to be very careful with the installation, as these disco balls are rather weighty. The disco ball of 40 cm weighs 4 kg, and the disco ball of 50 cm weighs 5 kg. All the bigger products come with a security hook, in order for you to secure the disco ball with an additional chain.

The largest disco balls, with the diameter of 75 cm or more, are meant for professional use. If needed, we can also deliver giant disco balls, with a diameter of 150 cm. These disco balls (75 cm to 150cm) are spectacular, even when installed on the floor. They require professional installation, as the ball of 75cm diameter weighs 16kg.

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