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A flashy disco ball set, with two sets of lights: both inside and outside of the disco ball. The internal lights light up the disco ball with different colours. The external lights illuminate the surface of the ball and are reflected all around the room. This is a complete set, ready to be mounted in the ceiling. Mains operated.


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This disco ball set is equipped with two sets of lights:

  • The rotating engine is equipped with lights that point down along the surface of the ball. Light is reflected all around the room from the mirror surface of the ball.
  • This model is also equipped with lights inside the disco ball. The ball has been made transparent, and there are small gaps between the mirror pieces, from which the light can stream out. The internal lights do not actually illuminate the space around the disco ball, but the ball itself.

The lights are completely automated, so there are no adjustments needed. Lights shift automatically, rotating between the available colour palette. The engine rotates the ball, approximately 5 times per minute, which is a standard speed for disco balls.

The base of the disco ball engine has ready made holes for ceiling mounting. The disco ball is attached to the engine with a cable that is approximately 30 centimeters long. The diameter of the disco ball is 20 centimeters. The set is mains operated and receives the power through one single plug (see: the images).

Thanks to LED technology, the energy consumption is small (only 7W), and the set is practically maintenance free. Because of the low energy consumption, the product does not produce unnecessary thermal load.

The product comes with English instructions.

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