Disco Ball Engine, runs on mains electricity (with a plug)


Do you need a discoball for more frequent use or for a permanent installation? This disco ball engine, which runs on mains electricity, is an excellent choice. It is suitable for professional use, but also affordable for private use. This model has a solid power cord and a plug, so it is fast and easy to get in use.


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This disco ball engine, with a professional quality, is suitable for a long term use. The engine can hold up to 3kg weight, which is comparable to our 30cm diameter disco ball. Notice: this is the maximum weight, which can be attached on the engine. Please, remember that the weight of the chain also adds to this calculation.

The engine rotates a disco ball approximately 1,5 times per minute, which is an appropriate speed for large disco balls.

This product has a solid power cord and a plug. Notice: this can't be used in the place of regular lamps, because the plug is too big. The engine runs with 230V mains electricity, and the consumption is approximately 4W. Alternatively, you can purchase a disco ball engine with a screw terminal.

This product weighs 0,3 kilograms.

When installed for professional use, we recommend professional installation. Please, take note of the EN/DIN 15660 regulations for installing disco devices and lights. The engine must always be installed with a security attachment. 

Manufacturer's model: Eurolite MD-1015

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