Engine of a Disco Ball, runs on batteries


Take the party with you wherever you want! This disco ball engine runs on batteries: it is easy to take with you and use at the next party. It is really easy to use: hang, where desired and switch it on.


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Take the party with you! It is easy to do with this disco ball engine, which runs on batteries. The engine is easy to attach to a desired place and to switch on.

We recommend ofr you to purchase a chain to go with this product, which will allow you to hang the disco ball a little bit lower.

The engine rotates the disco ball approximately 6-7 rounds per minute.

The engine runs on 1.5 V D/LR20 batteries, which can be purchased from regular stores.

Manufacturer's modele: Eurolite MB-1010

The colour of the engine is either white or black.


This engine can be used for a disco ball weighing a maximum of 1 kg. This corresponds to our disco balls with a diameter of 20 cm. If you attach a disco ball purchased elsewhere, please check the weight of the ball before attaching it to the engine. Please, note that the maximum weight means the whole weight attached to the engine (both, the disco ball and the chain).

If the disco ball and the engine are used on a ceiling above a crowd, the attachments should be checked carefully. The accumulated weight of the engine and the disco ball can cause serious damage, when falling down.

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