Eurolite B40 Disco Light


This disco ball by Eurolite is designed for professional use, and will certainly be an eye-catcher. As a matter of fact, calling it a disco ball sounds lame, as this is actually a rotating lamp. This device is equipped with 124 lenses, which reflect light all around the room. The ball spins 14 rounds per minute, and is guaranteed to light up the whole room.


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This high quality B40 disco ball, by Eurolite, guarantees a cool party. This disco light that resembles a disco ball has five bright 4W TCL LEDs. Each LED can repeat three different colours, and 124 lenses reflect the colours all around the room. The disco light rotates around its axel approximately 14 times per minute, so it can not go unnoticed. For comparison: a normal disco ball engine rotates the ball around its axel approximately 1-3 times per minute, so the difference is remarkable.

This light can be controlled with a regular DMX remote control (3 pinn, 4 channel DMX512). However, it can be purchased separately, without a remote control, and updated later. The disco light has built-in modes, and does not necessarily require a remote control. It can be set to run in the master or slave mode. You will be able to control the lights with the LED screen and controls on the back of the device. The disco light has also a built-in microphone, and can be adjusted to adapt to the rhythm of music, if needed. 

This disco light reveals its true colours when combined with a smoke machine. Especially, the strobo effect is at its best with smoke. 

The light can be installed on a table, or it can be hung up. The equipment for a truss installation are included in the delivery. Therefore, this is an excellent option for a venue that already has truss bars. This disco light weighs 3,0 kg. Professional installation is recommended, especially when hanging it up. The light comes with a hook for attaching a security chain. 

The instructions are in English. 

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