Eurolite LAS 15 laser


Ready to create a small party with an atmosphere of a big festival? This small show laser is perfect for you! The laser draws patterns in the air, just like in bigger parties, and the atmosphere is guaranteed. The laser is easy to control with the remote control, which comes with the product.


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A small laser, by Eurolite, is suitable for creating an atmosphere to small or medium-sized parties. The laser can be easily installed on top of a high book case, or on any other surface, because of its two legs. A more permanent installation can be done by hanging it. Alternatively, the laser can be installed standing up (see the product images), so that the laser beams point up. This works particularly well in a room with a high ceiling.

A remote control is included in the delivery. It enables you to control the laser positioned high up in the room, straight from the dance floor or from DJ's desk. The remote control works with infrared, and a direct visibility to the laser is needed. The laser can also be controlled with voice, and can adjust to the rhythm of music. Alternatively, it can be set on an automatic mode. This laser has also a strobo effect.

The laser shoots hundreds of green and red beams into the venue. Light beams can be used to create star patterns for right kind of surfaces (see the product images and the product video). You can watch the light beams in the air with a bare eye, without damaging your eyes. The laser is at its best used with a fog machine, as the laser cuts through the fine fog cloud.

The efficiency class of the laser is 2M, making it safe to use also in smaller venues. No permits or professional installation is required. When installing, please, make sure that a situation, where the laser beams aim straight at someone's eye, cannot occur. A laser beam can cause damage to an eye, only when looking continuously straight in to the beam for a longer period of time, or observing the beam through an optical tool. You can find more information about laser classifications from the website of the Radiation Safety Center. 

An adapter is included in the delivery. The instructions are in English.

Manufacturer's model: Eurolite LAS-15

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