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This projector is a great choice, when you organise lots of parties in different seasons. It projects patterns according to the chosen theme on a wall or a floor. There are four different sets of patterns included, from which you can choose the most suitable one for your party. The light can be attached to a ceiling or a stand, which can be purchased separately.


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Do you organise lots of parties in different seasons? Are you looking for a simple ambient? In that case, this projector is an excellent choice for you. It projects patterns and logos on a wall or a floor that match your theme. You can choose the patterns according to your liking.

The lighting of the projector is accomplished with four bright RGBW LED, each LED repeating four different colours. The light goes through patterned "slides", which create patterns of your choice on a wall or a floor. Four different slides are included with the following themes: halloween, winter, party and hearts.

The light is at its best, when the surface for projection is not further than 10 meters away, and when the venue is dimmed or without lights.

Installing is easy: the light works with a general mains plug. The light can be installed to hang on a ceiling or a truss. For installing the light on a table, you can purchase an additional table stand.

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