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This LED projector is a brilliant choice for outdoor parties in the dark. It projects themed patterns and logos on the wall. You can also welcome your guests with this light by colouring the walls with colours of your choice.


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This LED projector is a brilliant choice, if you want to decorate outdoor spaces for a party. The logo projector reflects different patterns and logos on the wall. It is also a great choice for welcoming your guests to the party: you can project patterns on the wall according to your theme. This helps create an ambience to your party.

LED projector is equipped with four bright LEDs. It is at its best, when installed approximately 5 meters away from the wall. In that case, it lights up an area of approx. 15 square meters.

Included in the delivery, there are 12 slides, from which you can choose the patterns to project. Changing the projected pattern is simple: remove the previous slide from the device and place a new slide. You can find slide patterns in the following themes: birthdays, halloween, winter, heart patterns, clovers, kisses, maple leaves, butterflies, stars, clowns and doves.

There is a stand included in the delivery, which you can use to install the light to the ground. This installment is adequate for the light to remain standing, if you are able to use it. If needed, you can also purchase a separate table stand and use it on even, smooth surfaces. The LED projector can be attached to the light by unscrewing the mounting stand and installing the light to the table stand through the hole at the bottom.

The power cable is 5 meters long. Using the light itself is easy: install the light to the ground, choose a suitable slide and switch the power on.

IP classification is IP44, which means that it is protected against splashing. It endures the use outdoors. However, a more permanent installment ourdoors is not recommended. It is good to put it on shelter, e.g. when it rains or when it is not used.

The instructions are in English.

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