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A simple, reliable LED Spotlight. With its 12 LEDs, it is effective enough to illuminate a small venue. It can be controlled through built-in programmes or voice recognition. The device has a fixed handle, which can be used to install it by hanging.


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The simple, yet effective, 12-LED-Spotlight by Eurolite is a great choice for house parties and other small venues. There are four different colours - red, green, blue and white - three LEDs in each colour. Each LED is 1W, which means that one or two LED Spotlights are sufficient to light up a small room.

The lights can be controlled via a screen, at the back of the device (See: the video below). They can be programmed in a static, single colour mode, to repeat colours systematically, or to flash in a strobe light mode. The device has a built-in microphone, which allows the lights to adapt to the music. Please, note that the microphone settings of the product in this price range do not necessarily work as accurately as in more expensive models.

The device can be used in a stand-alone mode. This means that it does not require any additional equipment to function. However, the LED Spotlight can also be controlled with a DMX control (a 3-pin XLR), and it supports the master/slave mode.

Installing the spotlight is easy. The device has a fixed handle, which can be used to hang it to a ceiling or a struss. When installing, please note that it weighs 0,5 kg. The dimensions of the device are 90 x 145 x 155 mm.

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