Mirror Cylinder

The mirror cylinder is a brilliant choice, when you want to add some special features into your party venue. In practice, this mirror cylinder works just like a normal disco ball. The only difference is that it is shaped as a cylinder. Because of its shape, it illuminates the space more effectively.


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The mirror cylinder is a great choice, when you want to add some special features into your party venue. The basic principle of this cylinder is exactly the same as that of a normal disco ball. It just comes in the shape of a cylinder.

The cylinder can be rotated by an engine, which causes it to illuminate the space in a different way than a normal disco ball. The height of the cylinder is 90 cm, and therefore, it provides more surface area for the light to be reflected on. This causes it to bring a different illumination result compared to a normal disco ball. The cylinder reflects a vertical pattern, whilst a normal disco ball reflects single light spots.

It is recommended that you purchase a compatible engine together with the cylinder (see: options).

In the cylinder, there are separate attachments for the axel and an attachment for the security chain. It is recommended always to use a security chain with the mirror cylinder, in case the primary attachment breaks down for some reason.

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