Plasma Tube, 40 cm


Could I introduce you to a lightning in a tube, which reacts to your voice and touch? Yes, please! The plasma tube is an impressive decorative element, with an incredible lightning effect inside. When touched, plasma gleam gathers around the finger.


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Who wouldn't like their own lightning in a tube? This sparkling plasma tube electrifies any room. Because of its voice control, an excellent positioning for it is just by the speakers. When touched, gleam gathers around the finger.

The length of the tube is approximately 40 centimeters, and it runs on mains electricity. It has three modes: on, off and a voice control. The plasma inside is blue.

See the product video:

Technical information:

Power source: 230 V AC, 50~ (mains electricity)
Power consumption: 6W
Length of the tube: 300mm
Diameter of the tube: 60mm
Overall dimensions of the device: 125x125x405mm
Weight: 1 kg

Note, that the built-in microphone isn't necessarily of the highest quality. Therefore, it reacts only moderately to music.

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