Set of Three Strobe Lights


The high quality set of three strobe lights is equipped with its own microphone. This makes the lights to adjust to the rhythm of music. Settings are adjustable and lights separable.


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This is a spectacular set of RFL-3 strobe lights, by Eurolite. The lights are delivered as a module, but they can also be detached to create a different athmosphere. 

This strobe light set has a voice activation. The microphone is built in the control panel, and the lights will adjust to the rhythm of music. You can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone, as well as the speed of the lights, on the control panel. With this set, you  can tune the setup for each party. 

The lights run on mains electricity. Mains electricity is led in to the control panel. From there, it will travel through cords to the lights. The only restriction for setting up the lights, is the length of the cords. The bulbs have an E27 base.

Before starting to use the light set, you must remove the cardboard around the lights. Other than that, this set is ready for use. These lights are designed for a professional use, not for a long term use in households.

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