Eurolite N-11 Fog Machine


This small fog machine, or smoke machine, is equipped with small party lights. It is a perfect option for house parties, small spaces and for infrequent use. All you need is some fog machine liquid.


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This fog machine is one of the smallest on the market, and is great for small venues. This machine has not got enough power for bigger rooms, but is perfect for creating an atmosphere for house parties. It is at its best with disco lights, as the lights create patterns on the smoke. A smoke machine brings some extra flash to for example a New Year's party!

At the front, the machine has bright, built-in LED lights, which colour the smoke with a range of colours. LEDs can be yellow or blue, depending on the package.

The fog machine has a solid power cord and is equipped with a thermal cutoff. A solid remote control unit is included in the delivery (at the end of the power cord), to enable the use from a distance. The device has an indicator for regulating the amount of liquid.

Note: please, be careful when using a fog machine in a room with fire alarms, automatic fire detectors or automatic fire extinguishing systems. Most systems are triggered by a fog machine.

With this product, we recommend our scents, for you to be able to get the most out of your fog machine. The scents are produced by the same manufacturer.

The instructions are in English.

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