Scent for a fog machine

Select your favourite scent! With these fog machine scents, you can create even more atmosphere to your party. These scents can be mixed with our fog machine liquids. When adding these drops, the fog will carry the scent of your choice into the room.


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With these scents, you can create a more exciting atmosphere for your party.

You can choose your own proportions for the mixture. Usually, one 20 milliliter package is diluted with 5-30 liters of fog machine liquid. You can regulate the strength of scent; the more diluted the mixture is, the milder the scent of the fog will be. This scent can be very sufficient, but it all depends on the proportions used.

The scent bottle has a screw on top, so it can be closed and used later.

The scent does not deteriorate the performance of a fogmachine and will not effect its ability to function.

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