'Glow in the Dark' Shot Glass

A 'Glow in the dark' shot glass is meant for serving memorable shots! Shimmer powder surrounding the liquid inside the glass creates a nice effect, especially for thicker shots.


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An affordable shot glass for serving impressive looking shots. To make the glass glow, break the two glow sticks at the bottom of the glass. The glow will last for 6-8 hours.

The shot glass is activated by breaking the glow sticks at the bottom. You might need to apply some force with your fingers to be able to break the glow sticks. The easiest way is to turn the shot glass upside down and press your thumb against the sticks. When you hear a snap, glow sticks have been broken, and they will start to glow. Notice: If you break both of the glow sticks, you will get more out of the product. After breaking the sticks, shake the glass for about 20 seconds, and it will start to glow brightly as the substances have mixed.

This shot glass is not supposed to be used, if it gets broken, and the substances inside the glass leak out. The shot glass can be rinsed, but it should not be washed with hot water. It will bring joy for the whole night, though, as it can glow for 6-8 hours.

Shot glasses are available in green, pink, yellow and blue. With your order, you will receive a selection of these colours.

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