LED Ice Cube Bowl


The LEDs in the bottom of this 'glow in the dark' ice cube bowl colour ice cubes beautifully in different shades. With a range of blinking modes, you can make sure that you get the exact effect you are looking for.


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This 'glow in the dark' ice cube bowl is most certainly an excellent choice for your party! The bowl is big enough to provide for the needs for the whole evening. When full of ice cubes, the bowl is tinted beautifully, thanks to the LEDs in the bottom.

The ice cube bowl measures approx. 21,5 cm on top diameter, and 22 cm in height (external). The ice cube bowl narrows a bit towards the bottom. The bowl has handles on the sides, in which it is possible to attach a handle or a cord to hold the bowl in place.

The LED module in the bottom of the bowl is detachable, so the bowl can be washed. The LED module needs to be removed each time before cleaning. The bowl is made of hard and durable produce plastic.

The bowl comes with pre-installed batteries (4 x AA). The batteries are replaceable.

The bowl is equipped with a multicolour set of LEDs. The LEDs are arranged in two different circles: by pressing the switch in the bottom, you can switch on the inner circle or both circles at the same time, or make them both blink. In other words, there are 3 lighting modes.

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