Heart-shaped Eyeglasses

Heart-shaped eyeglasses are especially favoured by young people. This is a complete package for creating heart-shaped glasses, which will certainly make people jealous.


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Not many people have heart-shaped glasses like this! These eyeglasses will tune your party outfit. The part with the heart can also be removed, and used as a decoration. 

This is a complete package, including glow sticks and connectors. The connector has three parts: for both handles and for the heart-shaped part in the middle. Colours available are pink, green, yellow, blue, orange and red. Select the colour to your liking, when placing the order in your shopping cart.

Making eyeglasses is very easy: bend the glow sticks in the middle, until you hear a snap. Shake them, and they will start to glow brightly with their whole lenght. Bend the sticks into the heart connectors, and attach handles on the sides.

Glow sticks will glow brightly for about 6-8 hours. Connectors can be used again, and glow sticks can be replaced with these glowsticks.

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