6" Glow Sticks, 50 pcs

A popular, 6" (150*15mm) glow stick with a lasting glow is suitable for professional use. One package includes 50 single packed glow sticks, with solid hooks and attachment strips in the delivery.


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  • Mixed
  • Mixed
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  • Pink
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  • Orange
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  • Purple
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  • Red
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  • White
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A very bright and high quality 6" glow stick! 6" glow sticks are very popular for parties, raves, airsoft, and for marking routes. Options for use are almost limitless! The lifetime of this glow stick is 8-12 hours. 

These glow sticks are such a high quality that they are delivered even for armed forces and resque departments. They have been tested and proven effective in professional use, which they were originally designed for! Cheap Chinese copies cannot perform on this level (- and these are not expensive, either)!

6" glow sticks are available in orange, blue, pink, yellow, green, red, ocean blue, purple and white. If you wish to order your glow sticks in a particular colour, please mention it in the comment section when placing the order. Please notice, that different coloured glow sticks can have different shipping times. Please check the availability of the colour of your choice in advance. The availability will be updated in the product information, as you choose the color.

6" glow sticks are also available with the print of your choice. More information about the printed product can be found here.

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