Multicoloured 6" Glow Stick, 10 pcs


The 6-inch-glow stick as a multicoloured version. There are stripes in a range of colours going around the glow stick and creating a very nice effect, especially when on the move. It comes with a hook and an attachment strip. This glow stick is a bit fancier than the traditional ones and works really nicely at for example a pre-Christmas party!


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A multicoloured 6" glowstick (150x10 mm) is an impressive glow stick for any kind of a party. This multipackage allows you to get it even cheaper. Each package includes 10 glow sticks with attachment strips and hooks.

Each package has striped glow sticks with different colour combinations. An attachment hook and strip are included in a package, alongside with the sticks.

These glow sticks are as easy to use as all of our other glow sticks. Bend the glow stick slightly from the middle, until it snaps. This causes the two substances inside the stick to mix with each other. Shake the glow stick for a moment to enable the substances to mix properly, and the glow stick is ready for use. These glow sticks work well at children's parties, because of the attachment hook and strip.

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