All you need to meet your company's needs was established in 2010 and our purpose is to offer everything that is needed for parties. We deliver glowsticks and partysupplies to some of the Finland's biggest restaurant chains and public events, among others.

Paying with an invoice

We offer paying with an invoice to companies, communities and cities/municipalities. We also sell products with an invoice to organizations with business ID. All invoices are handled via Trust Kapital and we check customer's credit information before accepting the order.

The easy way to make an invoiced order for a company is by using the contact form.

Terms of payment for our invoices is always 14 days net. Orders under 100 euros will be added a 10 euros small billing fee. Trust Kapital takes care of sending out invoices and collecting, if needed. Invoice can be sent to our customer in email, to the online billing address or as a letter.

We must always make sure that all the invoiced orders are made by someone who represents the company. This can be confirmed by using organization's email address, or delivering all products straight to the official address of the company. If we can't confirm the identity of the buyer, we can't ship the order.

Party supplies for your company's needs

We are Finland's biggest party supplier importer and you can buy huge quantities of glowsticks and different kind of glow products and party supplies from us. We usually have about a few ten thousand glowsticks in our warehouse, so the promise of sending them straight out of our warehouse is not made from whole cloth.

Most of the products we sell are listed in our online store, but we can also deliver some special items outside our selection. Just be brave and ask for a bid! Some of our customers are several big event organizers, bars, organizations and corporations. Our products are also sold in some stores.

We have the equipment to mark our products with labels and barcodes. Some of the products already include a barcode. Products can be marked either with retailer's markings or with our own markings.

Party graphics

We want to make it easy to organize parties. You can download the graphics needed for organizing parties over here.

If your order is above 500 euros, contact us and we will edit banner texts to fit your needs. 

Pricing and quotations

Easiest way to order products for your company is to place a new order via web shop.

Did you get interested in our products? Contact us by email or phone and ask for a quotation, and we will take a look how we can help you.

In wholesale the price of the produce depends on the amount that is bought.

Kauri Tervashonka

Kauri Tervashonka
044-978 4976