Where to get glowsticks?

What are glowsticks?

Have you ever noticed glowing sticks on a cruise, at clubs or children's parties? It is pretty sure that you have seen the same glowsticks, that Valotikut.fi sells with the cheapest prices available in Finland. Guaranteed.

Glowsticks (also known as light sticks, shine sticks etc) are based on a chemical glow. Light is produced when two substances inside the stick react with each other and chemiluminescence is born. You can find more information about glowsticks on our info site.

Glowsticks are costefficient and an efficient option for led lights. Glowsticks don't need electricity to work and bigger models work in freezing temperatures, too.

Where can I buy glowsticks, then?

Glowsticks are sold in several supermarkets, but for example our online store's prices are way cheaper than the prices in supermarkets. For example glowsticks sold in local store are more expensive than sticks sold by us - even though the glowsticks sold by us are better quality. In this case good quality means a longer glow time and more brighter glow - features that you should expect from a good glowstick.

In a picture attached is one of the most popular glowsticks, 6" partystick. We have noticed that there are huge differencies in glow time and durability between different manufacturers when using this specific model. Even though the sticks we sell are not so called industrial-model, they are worth every penny. This model glows up to 12 hours depending on the color.

Glowsticks from online?

Yes! There are several online stores in Finland that sell glowsticks - although we would say that we are the cheapest one - and especially big batches and more unique models should be bought online.

Lifetime of our glowsticks is 1-3 years, depending on the model. The strength of the glow can weaken during time, so the glowstick is at its best right after it's imported. Circulation of our warehouse is really good, so glowsticks sold by us will last longer than sticks sold at supermarkets. Glowsticks sold at supermarkets might have been laying in the warehouse for years, so the strength of glow is not as good as with a new glowstick.

Shipping time for glowsticks

Ordering glowsticks online is easy and shipping is fast. Order is usually handled within the next business day after placing the order: for example order placed on weekend usually arrives on tuesday. Especially some of the most popular glowsticks are always available in stock and they can be shipped immediately.

  • Shipping time Helsinki: 1 day
  • Shipping time Vantaa, Espoo and rest of the capital area: 1 day
  • Shipping time Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä: 1 day
  • Shipping time Oulu: 0-1 days (chance for pick up!)
  • Big cities and areas close by: 1 day
  • Rest of the Finland: 1-2 days

Two day shipping is usually to the coast and smaller municipalities in Northern and Eastern Finland. You can also get a fast delivery for saturdays, for example.

Glowsticks are great for all kinds of parties! Click here for some tips on how you can use them at a summer party or Venetian fete!