Halloween party – the most frightening
party of the year

Halloween is one of the most exciting and fun parties of the year. You rarely get such a good excuse to dress up in a costume, be spooky and come up with pranks for your loved ones. Originally Halloween was an ancient Celt celebration in honor of the upcoming winter. It was believed that at this time the dead were roaming the earth midst the living. The name Halloween originates from this celebration, which was called All Hallow’s Eve.

In Europe, Halloween has traditionally been celebrated in England, Scotland and Ireland. All of these have strong traditions stemming from Celtic history. Halloween was brought to the United States by immigrants and has evolved into huge proportions throughout the years. Nowadays Halloween is celebrated more and more in the American style around the world, but it doesn’t go quite to the same extreme: in America houses are decorated for Halloween from top to bottom, inside and out already well before the actual event. It’s not uncommon to celebrate Halloween for weeks, whereas the celebrations elsewhere are focused on just one or two days.

The date of Halloween varies in different countries. It’s traditionally celebrated on the last day of October, but there is not an exact date for it in all countries. Usually Halloween parties are hosted on the weekend before or after the last day of October. Halloween should not be mixed up with the actual All Hallow’s Day, which is celebrated on the first Saturday of November. Even though the historical meaning of the days is the same, All Hallow’s Day has a more religious meaning, whereas Halloween is more of a fun event.

Jack O Lantern and Halloween décor

Grinning Jack O Lanterns are the best-known symbol for Halloween. These lanterns are easy to make at home, but do keep a few things in mind. Remember to prepare enough newspapers to cover the area you will be making the lanterns in. Especially if there are kids helping you, the insides of the pumpkin might fly all over the place. Also, remember to use a marker to draft out the face for your pumpkin before you grab the knife and start cutting. Many people trust their abilities to cut a good face out free-handed, but it’s not as easy as it looks. A Jack O Lantern stays best-looking in cool air but cannot stand freezing conditions. The best way to keep your lanterns looking groovy is to prepare them right before your party.


You can utilize the pumpkin flesh by blending it into a paste. This paste can be added to for example bread roll dough or other savory treats. Pumpkin seeds are also a delicious and easy snack: just roast them and snack away!

Halloween crafting and Halloween DIY have become more popular in the past years. When it comes to décor your imagination is the only limit! Ghosts, witches and skeletons are an essential part of Halloween, but a cool and cozy Halloween vibe can be created in a very simple way: just turn out the lights and light up some candles. It’s good to use LED powered tealights for safety reasons. These cute candles give you the right mood while avoiding possible fire hazards.

Glow sticks are also a great choice for Halloween décor. You can create an amazing spiderweb using glow sticks and connectors. You can build almost any extravagant decorations out of these parts! All kind of glow in the dark décor is at the top of the list when it comes to Halloween. Invisible ink and UV graffa tape provide the perfect tools to create cool decorations: you can paint a huge banner with a Halloween scenery or decorate your dishes with some UV graffa tape. Keep in mind that in normal lighting these crafts don’t look like anything, but once you switch your everyday lights to UV versions, your décor will magically come to life. UV lights are nowadays available in normal E14 and E27 sockets, so they fit most light fixtures you already have in your home.


A big party package is an excellent choice if you want a package of glow sticks and other glow material to help you get inspired and prepare some décor for your party.

Other easy Halloween decorations are glow in the dark balloons that are always a hit – especially if you’re organizing a Halloween party for kids. A plasma ballplasma plate and giant LED balls are also great for creating that perfect Halloween vibe. Our LED logo projector has four different visual options, one of which is Halloween. Project some Halloween images on the walls and create a cool atmosphere for your party!

Trick or treat? Halloween food, drinks and table setting

You can really let your imagination soar when it comes to food at a Halloween party. Normal everyday food gets a whole new dimension when it’s matched up with a Halloween theme. A great Halloween meal is something easy and tasty, preferably with a hint of something gross-looking. Try for example Dracula dentures, Cheesy spiders or Snakes and soup. The best Halloween recipes are usually formed when you look at your everyday ingredients in a more creative way: how could I make this into something amazingly gross and exciting, but still delicious? This is also a great way to make kids try foods they don’t usually care for.

An inexpensive way to tweak up your Halloween dishes is to dye them with food coloring. Traditional Halloween colors are for example orange, black, green and purple, but as always: get creative. Be sure to include some light Halloween snacks to your table, so guests have something to munch on throughout the evening.


Spice up your table setting by sprinkling some glow sticks on the table or by drawing on the tablecloth with some invisible ink. This will take your table to the next Halloween level!

A Halloween dessert can be almost anything, but it’s common to decorate your dessert in a fun Halloween way. Try out some Monster s’mores, Coffin surprise cookies or Rice Krispie brains. Most desserts can be turned into exciting Halloween themed versions with a little bit of creativity.


It’s good to stock up your party with candy, since Halloween traditions include the game Trick or treat. If someone asks you if you’d like a trick or a treat, you must give them a treat or face the risk of being tricked.

Halloween punch is the most important drink of the party. Halloween lemonade is good for kids’ parties, whereas in adult versions you can spice it up with some alcohol. Good punch ideas for Halloween are Apple Pumpkin Beer Punch, Lime Sherbert Punch and Pumpkin Pie Punch. If you want to go the extra mile, create your very own pumpkin keg. If you want to make your drinks extra gross, create a frog-egg-like pudding from chia seeds. This is best served out of a drink jar with a handle, which really brings out the pudding’s best features. Drop in an LED ice cube and you’ll have the perfect Halloween drink!

You can also organize your party’s drink service by preparing a selection of ingredients and letting your guests create their own drinks. This might just be the way to create the most epic Halloween drink in town. Great ingredients are for example crushed strawberries and different types of fruits. Get creative and choose cool colors for the sodas and other mixers. Colored drinks bring a cool appearance, while still tasting good. Remember to add an cocktail shaker with LEDs and other glow products to your drink station, so guests can decorate their drink to their liking. A versatile home bar kit is also great for making excellent drinks.


You can create a cool addition to your punch by freezing water in a plastic glove and adding it to your punch once it’s frozen. Don’t forget to throw in a few LED ice cubes for that mysterious Halloween glow.

Halloween costumes and accessories

In Mexico the equivalent for Halloween is Dia de los Muertos aka Day of the Dead. You might have seen the beautiful skull paintings people create on their faces for this event. Halloween is one of those yearly traditions where dressing up is allowed and recommended all around the world. The wilder the outfit, the more fun you’ll have! A Halloween costume and makeup can be just along the lines of anything – just include a hint of Halloween. Witches, ghosts, skeletons, black cats, skulls, pumpkins and other characters are popular choices. Halloween costumes for kids vary from movie characters to animals and crazy makeup to hair dye. The most important criterias for a costume are that you feel good in it and can enjoy yourself.

Many adults might be hesitant about dressing up, but nowadays Halloween costumes for adults are comfortable and quite stylish. Why wouldn’t it be fun to let loose for once and dress up in something a little scary? Sometimes adults are fine with just a Halloween makeup. Halloween masks and wigs are also a popular choice, since they fit the theme, but don’t require such a big effort. We do guarantee you, though, that putting an effort into dressing up will reward you with an even better party mood.


Easy accessories for Halloween are for example skull shaped glasses built from glow sticks and mysteriously glowing earrings.

Halloween disco ja other ideas for a party

The Halloween theme of your party can be visible also in the program you choose. Great Halloween activities for kids are traditional games like hide-and-seek. This game is fun on its own and levels up to a whole new dimention when it’s played in the glowing setting under UV lights. Other Halloween games are flashlight tag and treasure hunt, in which the clues can be written on a map with invisible ink. Glow sticks or a small portable disco ball are great ideas for treasure hunt prizes.

You can create an extra cool vibe to your party with a smoke machine, which creates a misty feeling to your venue full of spooky party animals. It’s also possible to order a scent to go with the smoke. This will spice up your party even more. A traditional disco ball is bound to be the cherry on top to any venue – it’s a classic that never goes wrong.

Halloween parties for adults might be wilder compared to kids’ parties, but a lot of the same elements can be used when it comes to food and décor. The program, however, can be a touch scarier. You can organize a Halloween zombie walk, frightening drinking games and a beer pong tournament. Make sure to let everyone know that the creepiest costume of the evening wins a prize.

An excellent program for adult parties is a Halloween murder mystery. In this game, each guest is given a role and they must figure out who the murderer is during the evening. Another fun game for adults is wink murder, in which one of the guests is the murderer, who “murders” the others one by one with just a wink. A glow version of this game is where the murderer leaves his mark with a tiny bit of UV graffa tape. Another option is to hand out everyone a glow stick bracelet at the beginning of the game. Once they are murdered, they must take the bracelet off. This is a good way to stay on track about who is still in the game and who is not.


Halloween parties are fun on their own and don’t necessarily need that much pre-planned activities. Halloween costumes, décor and the general vibe of the party are enough to get you into the right mood and your guests having a good time!

The most horrible party of the year

Halloween is the party to let your creativity and imagination loose. It’s fun to come up with creepy and crawly ideas to entertain your guests. An epic Halloween party is one of those things you talk about long after it’s over. Sometimes Halloween parties even become a cool tradition that escalates to a new level every year. First and foremost, Halloween is a fun celebration that should not be taken too seriously – this is the party where you can let your inner child out and play a little!

A Halloween party is a breath of fresh air into the dark and gloomy season. However, there is a risk that a certain kind of sadness will hit after the party is over. You might find yourself staring out the window into the cold and rain, with no party to look forward to. But don’t worry, it’s almost the season for Pre-Christmas parties and New Year’s is not that far away either. If you can’t resist your inner party animal, be sure to check out our tips for organizing a house party or glow party. And if nothing else, you can already start preparing for next year’s Halloween party 2.0!