Information about glowsticks

What are glowsticks?

Glowsticks (also known as glow sticks, light sticks) are products that glow in the dark based on the chemical reaction, chemiluminescence. Glowsticks are used by armed forces in different countries, for example, but for common people they are known for used at parties and concerts. Because of their cheap price, they are good for student parties, clubs, bars, raves, camping, airsoft etc. You can get more instructions and tips at our website and glowsticking's website.

Originally glowstick have been designed to use by army, but nowadays they are used more for entertainment purposes. Glowsticks sold by us can be used for several different purposes and we deliver our products to some of Finland's biggest festivals and event organizers.

How do glowsticks work?

The function of glowsticks is based on a chemical reaction, chemiluminescence, which creates glowing light, although sometimes led-based products are also falsely calles as glowsticks. There is also UV-light reactive glowsticks available.

Chemiluminescence is a reaction, where two chemical substances react with each other and they create glowing light. The color of the light and the amount of the glow is possible to change by changing the proportions of the substances. In chemiluminescence there is no heat created when using glowsticks, although the temperature of the air does effect on the strength of the reaction so basically in the brightness of the glowstick in this case.

Chemiluminescence is created when two substances, in two different sections, inside the stick get together and react with each other. In the case of glowsticks, those two substances are kept separate with a separate tube inside: the outer tube keeps inside the other substance needed for the chemical reaction, and the inner tube keeps inside the other substance. The inner tube is usually made with glass or some other fragile material. When the stick is bent, the inner tube breaks and two substances react with each other, and chemiluminescence is created and the glowstick starts to glow.

Usually glowsticks are activated by slightly bending them in the middle, the inner tube breaks and the stick starts to glow where it was bent. Stick should be shaken, so the substances are able to mix well and the whole stick starts to glow.

What is inside glowsticks?

Inside glowsticks are two different chemical mixtures, which create the glow. Substances are not corrosive and the glowstick will not warm up when used, but substances might stain clothes, for example. All of our glowsticks have a CE-marking.

Are glowsticks safe to use?

Yes, the glowsticks we sell are safe if they are used by following the instructions. Although with all action you should think smart and it isn't recommended to give glowsticks to small kids, for example. Even though products are tested, there is still a change that one might break.

Read more about the safety of glowsticks.

Can glowsticks be used for drinks?

Glow sticks sold by us are not suitable to be used drinks. Please check swizzle sticks for drinks.