Information about glow sticks

What are glow sticks?

Glow sticks (also known as glow sticks, light sticks) are glow-in-the-dark products that are based on a chemical reaction called chemiluminescence. Glow sticks are used, for example, by armed forces in many different countries. An ordinary Joe is familiar with them through different parties, events and concerts. Because of their cheap price, they are suitable for student parties, clubs, bars, raves, camping, airsoft etc.

Originally glow sticks have been designed for the use of armed forces, but nowadays they are used more for entertainment purposes. Glow sticks that are in our selection can be used for several different purposes. We also deliver our products to some of Finland's biggest festivals and event organizers.

How do glow sticks work?

The function of glow sticks is based on a chemical reaction, chemiluminescence, which creates glowing light, although sometimes LED based products are also falsely called as glow sticks. UV light reactive glow sticks are also available.

1 A thick plastic cover

Protects the glow stick and the liquid inside of it, as well as the plastic tube.

2 An inner glass or plastic tube

Protects the liquid inside the tube and keeps liquids separate from one another.

Shimmer liquid

The liquid between the cover and the inner tube, which is separated from the liquid in the inner tube until the glow stick is activated.

Bend the glow stick slightly

The inner tube breaks, and the liquids are mixed together. This causes a chemical reaction to illuminate the glow stick. The thick plastic cover protects the content, as well as the user. Please, make sure you do not bend the glow stick too much so that the plastic cover remains unbroken.

5 Shake the glow stick

Shake the glow stick for a few seconds to enable the liquids to mix properly.

6 The glow stick is now ready for use

What is inside glow sticks?

Inside glow sticks, there are two different chemical mixtures, which create the glow. Substances are not corrosive, neither will the glow stick warm up in use. However, the substances might stain clothes, for example. All of our glow sticks have a CE marking.

Full list of ingredients inside glow sticks. First item in list is name, after that code and percentage.

  • Chemiluminescer:
    • Butyl Benzoate (136-60-7): 80.7%
    • CPPO (75203-51-9): 19%
    • Fluorescer (10075-85-1): 0.30%
  • Activator:
    • Dimethyl Phthalate (131-11-3): 87.5%
    • Hydrogen Peroxide (7722-84-1): 3.30%
    • H2O (vesi)9.20

Are glow sticks safe to use?

Yes, the glow sticks we sell are safe to use, if they are used according to the instructions. Think smart and stay safe. It isn't recommended to give glow sticks to small children, for example. Even though products are tested, there is still a change that one might break.

Our products have been tested in a Finnish laboratory (Eurofins Expert Services Oy). Glow sticks fill requirements set for jewelries and toys (used like jewelries). Glow sticks haven't been tested to be used in contact with food or as in baby or small children toys.

Safety instructions:

  •  Do not bend a glow stick.
  • Do not break a glow stick intentionally. The liquid inside the glow stick cannot be used as a colouring or decoration.
  • Do not heat the glow stick.
  • Please do not use force to bend a glow stick, or hit it e.g. to a table. Glow sticks endure normal use (e.g. bending bracelet glow sticks into a bracelet around your wrist), but nothing more than that.
  • Please do not put a glow stick in your mouth. The plastic cover of the glow stick is relatively thin, and breaks from even one bite. Therefore, glow sticks should be kept out of reach of young children and pets.

The liquid inside of a glow stick is not poisonous or corrosive. However, the inner tube may be made of glass or sharp plastic, which can cause damage when coming into contact with skin or mouth. Additional information about glow sticks.

What to do, if a glow stick breaks?

If a glow stick breaks and the liquid comes in contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with running water, and contact a doctor if needed.

It is possible that the liquid inside of the glow stick can discolour different materials and surfaces. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the exposed area as soon as possible.  Usually any colors from fabrics can be cleaned in washing machine.

There should never be a possibility that a glow stick breaks in someone's mouth, as this is unambiguously use in violation of instructions. If this happens, rinse immedialtely with a running water and contact a doctor if needed.

Do glow sticks function in freezing temperatures?

Glow sticks work in freezing temperatures, but their power can be weakened in a cold weather. In general, the bigger the glow stick, the better it endures cold.

If the glow stick is in motion (e.g. hanging on a string, which is moved by the wind), the durability is slightly better, because it keeps the liquid from freezing inside the tube.

Can glow sticks be used for drinks?

Glow sticks in our selection are not suitable to be used in drinks. Please check swizzle sticks for drinks.