Information about the delivery times

What is the delivery time?

When all the products of the order are in stock:

If all the product of the order are in stock, your order will be shipped immediately. Orders made before 12.00 will be shipped during the same day, otherwise the next day. The final delivery time depends on the chosen shipping method and its speed.

When some of the products are not in stock:

Sometimes some of the products might be out of stock. If there is out-of-stock products in your order, your order will be held until all the products are in stock. If you know that you need some of the products in advance, we recommend that you make two separate orders.

Do you want to receive your order quickly?

Check the availability of the product. If the product is in stock, you can see the stock availability in the product card. Otherwise we will inform about a longer shipping time.

Double check the shipping time in your shopping cart. Products out of stock will show a longer shipping time.

Make sure that your address is correct when you are placing your order. Make sure that you have given the correct cell phone number, where you will receive your tracking number when using certain shipping methods.

Choose a quicker delivery in your shopping cart. You can see the delivery times for different shipping methods in your shopping cart when you are choosing your delivery method.

For orders that require a quick shipment we recommend shipping to your door or delivery via HRX. You can read more about shipment methods on our separate info page.

How do I get a free shipping for my order?

A free delivery is offered for the all orders over 30€. We offer a free delivery to R-kioski of your choice.

Which payment methods can I use to pay my order?

We accept payments via Finnish online banks, credit cards, PayPal and with invoice/part payment. Method of payment will not effect on the delivery time.

Read more about payment methods

Most often asked questions about shipments

Can I change the shipping method afterwards?

Yes, contact our customer service.

Does the shipping time depend of the method of payment?

No, we will immediately get a notification about a new payment, no matter which bank the customer has. Remember to return to your online bank, so the payment will get registered correctly.

Can I get the items in stock first?

If you know that some of the products have a longer shipping time when you are placing your order, we recommend you to make two orders. If you already made the order and you want to change it afterwards, contact our customer service.

What is the shipping time for orders made by companies?

Orders made by companies, paid with invoice, will almost always have the same shipping time as other orders.

Information About Returns

About refunds

Our customers are very happy with our products. During the past 7 years less then 0.2% of all the orders have been returned.

About refunds

We offer 180 day return policy for all orders. You can return any products that haven't been used. If you want to return your orders please contact our customer support team.