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Bubble guns will bring joy to any party! This gun with LEDs will shoot bubbles with an automatic fire. As the cherry on the top, there are flashing LEDs.


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The package includes one cartridge of bubble liquid and the batteries needed. The bubble gun runs on three AA-batteries.

You can make your own soap bubble liquid with the following instructions: Fill the cartridge half way with dish soap, add a pinch of sugar and fill the rest with water. Shake the cartridge and attach it on its place. Note: Remains of the home made bubble liquid should not be left in the cartridge. It can result in stiffening the inside of the gun and the cartridge.

The use of the bubble gun is easy: just press the trigger, and the gun will start shooting bubbles. If the gun has been left unused for a long time, or if it has home made bubble liquid inside, you might have to press the trigger down a few times, before it starts working.

The bubble liquid included in the package might smell quite strong. Please do not shoot bubbles towards other people and avoid getting soap in your eyes or mouth. This product is not recommended for young children.

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