Flashing Light Whisk with a star


The flashing colour whisk is particularly favoured by the smallest of the family! Whilst being moved in the air, the fibers of the whisk create an eye-catching effect, and there is a star on the handle as a finishing touch.


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This 40-centimeter-long flashing light whisk is an impressive sight. The whisk is made of different length fibers, which tint the 20-centimeter-long whisk part with different colours. As a cherry on the top, there is a star pattern on the handle, glowing in the same colours as the whisk.

The whisk has six different flash modes. You can choose your favourite, with one single switch. You can also switch on a constant glow in one single colour. The LEDs in all whisks have the same colours (blue, red, green), despite the colour of the handle.

When spinning the whisk, while the flash mode is on, you will see the dashing colours in the air. The eye can't perceive colours changing. The result is that you can see up to three different colours at the same time. This whisk is a hit at children's parties!

The batteries are pre-installed, and the product is ready for instant use. The batteries are replaceable, so you can enjoy the whisk for a long time.

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