Light Saber With a Disco Ball


The two best things at parties are light sabers and a disco ball. This light saber has both in a compact package. When you play with this light saber, the disco ball draws patterns on the opposite wall. 


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This 47-centimeter-long light saber is equipped with a small disco ball. While the light saber is in use, the disco ball draws patterns on the opposite wall. Despite of its small size (diameter 4 cm), the disco ball is very effective. As the ball is translucent, it functions as an enlarging lense for the bright LEDs inside.

Each light saber has blue, green and red LEDs. The light saber and the disco ball are easy to control with just one switch button. By pressing the switch, you can change the flash mode. This product has three different flash modes. 

This product includes replaceable, pre-installed batteries. The light saber runs on three AG13 batteries.

This light saber is not suitable for real light fencing.

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