Multicoloured Light Saber


A light saber, with the length of 63 cm, flashes and glows in a range of colours. The special feature in this light saber is its translucent handle, so you can enjoy it with its whole length.


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This light saber is one of the biggest ones we have. This enormous light saber, with the length of 63 cm and a translucent handle, has the longest glowing part of all our light sabers. LEDs are installed in the handle, and they luminate the whole blade as well as the handle.

There is a switch on the handle for changing the flash mode. You can choose your favourite from three different flash modes. Each light saber has blue, green and red LEDs. 

The product includes replaceable, pre-installed batteries. This light saber runs on three regular AA batteries.

The Light Saber is made of plastic and is not suitable for real light fencing.

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