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The Mega Party Package is our biggest party package. This party package includes the insane amount of 2100 glow sticks and much more!


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20 x Glow Stick Bracelets, 100 pcs

Premium quality 'glow in the dark' bracelets for your parties. This is our most popular product! The glow sticks are delivered in tubes of 100 pieces, and connectors are included. Using these glow sticks is easy: just bend, shake and attach with connectors. Glow sticks can be bent to make a bracelet, but you can also create, i.e. glow bunny ears.

2 x 4" Glow Sticks, 50 pcs

These 4" glow sticks are small but surprisingly effective in different occasions. These glow sticks are packed in bulk folio packages of 50 pcs, including a sufficient amount of attachment hooks and strips. This package is very cost-efficient for bigger amounts of glow sticks.

4 x Triple Connector, 25 pcs

Triple connectors for glow sticks are also available in bigger sets of 25 pcs! This is a cost-efficient way to get more of these special connectors. With these connectors, you can attach three glow sticks side by side to form a bracelet.

4 x 'Bunny Ear' Connector, 25 pcs

'Bunny Ear' Connectors in affordable sets of 25 pcs! These connectors can be used for creating bunny ears.

2 x 'Eyeglass' Connector, 50 pcs

Create 'glow in the dark' glasses with these connectors! These eyeglasses look very impressive, and you can use glow sticks in different colours to make them.

5 x Heart Eyeglass Connector, 25 pcs

Purchasing these eyeglass connectors in a bulk package guarantees cool glasses for everyone in your party! This package includes 25 connectors, which can be used for creating impressive heart-shaped eyeglasses.

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Are you planning to have a mega big party? Then, this party package is perfect for you! The package includes an insane amount of glow sticks for a very cheap price. In addition to the products mentioned above, this package also includes 2000 connectors for making bracelets, and 40 ball and flower connectors for creating decorations.

The orders are shipped depending on the availability. If a product is out of stock, it can usually be replaced with another product with the same price.

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