Finland Oy - Privacy policy

The registrar has a duty, on the basis of the Data Protection Act, to give clear information to the registered users. This statement fulfills the information duty.

1. The registrar 

Glow Finland Oy

Contact details in register-related issues:

Kauri Tervashonka
Glow Finland Oy /
valotikut at

2. Registered users

The registered users have given their information on the site, either in connection with buying products or filling out a contact form. In addition to that, our register contains also personal data of people who have participated in different competitions.

3. The reason and the purpose of keeping the register

The grounds for keeping the register:

  • Personal data is processed on the basis of customer relations
  • Personal data is processed on the basis of the consent (the list collected in connection to a draw; when filling a form a consent is asked for marketing purposes)

Processing the personal information and the purpose of the register:

Personal information is used only for the following pre-announced purposes:

  • attending to customer relations
  • informing of our services
  • marketing purposes

6. Register information

The register includes the following information:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Company information and billing address (only for the corporate clients)
  • Other possible information that client has disclosed, e.g. by filling out a contact form

Customer data

  • information about products / services bought

5. The rights of the registered user

The registered user has the following rights, and the requests regarding their use are to be made to Valotikut at e-mail address.

Right for inspection

The registered user can check the personal information we have saved.

Right to correct the information

A registered user can ask for correction to his / her incorrect or inadequate personal data.

Right to oppose

A registered user can oppose the processing of his / her personal data, if the user thinks that his / her personal data is processed illegitimately.

Direct marketing prohibitions

A registered user has the right to prohibit the use of his / her details for direct marketing purposes.

Right for removal

A registered user has the right to ask for removal of his / her personal data, if processing the data is not necessary. We process the request for removal, and either remove the data or justify why the data could not be removed.

Notice that the registrar may have legal or other rights not to remove the requested data.

The registrar has a duty to retain the accounting data according to the period (10 years) determined in the Accounts Act (chapter 2, 10 §). Therefore, the material connected to accounting cannot be removed before the termination of the determined period.

Withdrawal of consent

If the processing of personal data is only based on the registered user's consent, and not e.g. custom or membership, the registered user can withdraw their consent.

A registered user can appeal to the EDPS

A registered user has the right to demand that we will restrict processing the controversial data, until the issue is resolved.

Right of Appeal

A registered user has the right to appeal to the EDPS, if he / she thinks that we are violating personal data in the way we are processing data under the current Data Protection Act.

The contact details of the EDPS:

5. Regular Sources of Information

Customer information is regularly received:

  • from the customer themselves in the beginning of the custom
  • from the customer themselves via the forms that are on the website (e.g. contact form, feedback form)
  • from the customer themselves in connection with their participation in a competition

6. Regular Data Disclosures

Data is not disclosed for marketing purposes outside Glow Finland Oy.

We have made sure that all our service providers follow the Data Protection Act. We use regularly these service providers:

  • Mailchimp (marketing platform). Information is transferred outside the EU.
  • Koivua Oy (order processing and logistics). Information is not transferred outside the EU.
  • Couriers (Posti, Schenker, DHL). Information is used for sending and processing orders. Information is not transferred outside the EU.

7. The length of processing

  • In most cases, data is being processed as long as there is an existing membership.
  • A user, who is registered on our marketing list, can remove themselves from the list through a link, which is included in each marketing e-mail we send.

8. Data processors

Personal data is processed by the registrar and its employees. We may also get a third party to process a part of personal data, in which case, we guarantee through contracting that personal data is processed according to the current Data Protection Act, and otherwise appropriately.

9. Transferring information outside the EU

Information is regularly being transferred outside the EU or the EEA. When data is being transferred outside the EU or EEA, we ensure the adequate level of data protection, e.g. by contracting issues of confidentiality and processing of personal data according to the legal requirements.

13. Automatic decision making and profiling

We do not use data for automatic decision making or profiling.