Privacy policy

Privacy policy by privacy law (523/1999) 10§.

1. Name of the register is the customer- and user register

2. Contact person in charge of privacy policy

Kauri Tervashonka
Glow Finland Oy /
valotikut at

3. Registry

Glow Finland Oy /
valotikut at

4. Reason for keeping register

If the person has registered on or has participated in a competition on

5. Purpose of register

The purpose of registering customer's information is to process and archive customer's orders. Information can be used to improve's business and for statistic purposes.

Information can be used for direct advertising of, if the customer has given their permission for this.

6. Register information

  • Company's name (optional)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Order's information

7. Passing on the information

Information is not allowed to pass on for outsiders. Person in register can have their information removed if wanted.

8. Right for inspection

Everyone has the right to know, which of their information has been saved on customer register, or that there is none of their information on the register. For inspection, they need to provide certain information for example an ID and a signed request asking to see this information. After they have presented these documents, person will get the register information listed in privacy policy law 26 §. If there has been less than one year for the previous check, information provided will be charged with 20 euros.