Student Parties – Playing field for the
hopes of our future

Beginning a new school year gets a whole new meaning once we toss our backpack on our shoulder and head in through the doors of a college level school. You might have gotten a glimpse of student parties in high school, but this mysterious party world doesn’t show you its full colors until university or college kicks into full gear. Overall parties, theme spectacles and other fun activities of student life are some of the most memorable times in many students’ lives.

Student parties are a great way to get to know new study buddies and build new social circles. Especially if you’ve moved to another town to study, it’s nice to find some new friends to hang out with. Many of us also meet the love of our student life at a student party. With this special person we go through many moments of growing up and build a foundation for adulthood. But don’t get too busy adulting: student life lets you be young, wild and free for a little while longer!


You can find information about student parties from subject associations, tutors, social media, school bulletin boards and word-of-mouth. You might be surprised how fast the news about an upcoming party travel within party animals!

Student parties in Finland

Student parties are organized in all schools, but in larger student populated cities they play an especially big part in the interaction between different institutions. For example: Tampere, Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Lappeenranta are cities where you can see and hear the student population like nowhere else. Student crowds wandering the city streets in their overalls on a big party night just can’t be left unnoticed.

Many college level schools have yearly traditional student parties that date back years. These types of events are for example the world championships of Academic Kyykkä and Hämeenkatu Appro in Tampere, Kauppakatu Appro in Jyväskylä and Little Laskiainen in Turku. Other traditional student events are for example the Academic Aura River Degree in Turku, Amazing Race in Jyväskylä and Wykypäivä in Vaasa.

The overall is an important student symbol

The most typical outfit for students to wear at parties is an overall, which can be found in all the colors of the rainbow. The color worn by a certain student is chosen depending on the field they are majoring in as well as the institute they are studying in. Thus, all Finnish students in the same field might not have the same color overalls, since the colors are divided in different ways depending on the school. Some students are devoted to wearing their overalls, whereas some like to spend their parties in more normal clothes. Some fields have more creative solutions to substitute overalls. For example, the history majors in the University of Turku wear black capes instead of overalls.

Crafting and fine-tuning your overalls to suit your personality is one of the great works of art in one’s student years. It’s common to collect overall badges from student parties and sew them on as memories of each event. There are also many other ways in which one can pimp their overalls. If you notice someone with a different color foot on their overall, it means they are dating someone who is majoring in a different field. One cool and different way to tune up your overalls is drawing on them with invisible ink. No one will see any difference in daylight, but in the glow of UV lights your overalls will get a whole new look.

Best student parties require organizing

Even though it may seem like the recipe for a good student party is to just send a PM and invite everyone to the park, the reality is that a great student party needs a little more planning. The very first thing is deciding the venue, since it determines how many people you can invite to your event, is there a need to sell tickets and how the alcohol politics are worked out.

A small and intimate party can be organized in quite a small space, making sure there are enough seats and the possibility to cool down everyone’s drinks. The bigger the crowd, the more the venue matters – student parties can be organized for anything between a few people to thousands.

The main criteria in choosing a venue is the practical function of the space, along with the ambience. Make sure there are enough toilet and cloakroom facilities, along with staff to make sure all the practical things run smoothly. It’s common to organize bigger parties in a pub, bar or other venue that already has all these essential facilities. This allows you to focus on the theme, décor and dress code of the party.


If organizing the event causes you expenses or you want to gather money for the next party, consider a small entrance fee for the party. A small fee for party entrance does not kill any student’s wallet, but gathers up a nice sum especially at a bigger event.

When you’ve made your choice about the venue, it’s time to decide who you’re going to invite. The easiest way is to create a Facebook event, since it’s easy to keep track of who’s been invited and who has RSVP’d on the event page. This is especially important when you are planning drinks or food for the party.

Food and drink at a student party

Usually student parties are organized with quite a tight budget, making it more practical for everyone to bring their own bottle. In other cases, the evening is all-inclusive, with no worries about filling up your plate or glass. It’s good to inform guests in the invitation about how the food and drink side of the party is organized. This way everyone has a chance to prepare for the party accordingly.

Punch is the perfect option, if you want to serve something super easy at your party. You can make a big batch with inexpensive ingredients at once. Good punch recipes that fit many tastes are for example Luscious Slush Punch and Sparkling punch. If you want to add ice cubes to your punch, make sure to prepare them from juice, so they don’t weaken the taste of the punch when they melt.

Student party with a theme

Student parties are often organized around a certain theme which makes them twice as fun. A party theme can be anything your imagination can come up with! We gathered together a few fun and easy ideas for student party themes. Remember to mention the theme of the party clearly in the invitation, including possible requests for a certain dress code. To maximize the motivation for your guests to dress up, you can organize a contest: best outfit wins! A good prize for the best outfit is for example a crown made from glowsticks.

A Glow Party is always a great and exciting option for a theme party. You will want to invest in an mega party package, that’s a plentiful package full of glowsticks, connectors and other glow products. Everyone will find something glowing to wear in this package. Different types of UV products also make great accessories for a glow party. Read our best to organizing a glow party!

A traffic light theme is perfect for student parties at the beginning of the semester. This is the time to see what everyone’s social status is. The rules of the theme are simple: each guest decorates their outfit with red, green or yellow glowsticks. The color of the glowsticks is determined by the guest’s social status. If they are taken, they wear red, if they are available, they wear green. Yellow is the color somewhere in between – maybe they don’t even know where they stand! A traffic light theme is a great way to determine social relations at the very beginning of the party.

Beer festivals are not only limited to Octoberfest. In fact, you can celebrate them all year round. A great attraction for a beer fest is the classic drinking game, beer pong. You can organize a yearly beer pong championship, where different grades or majoring fields compete in determining who is the beer pong champion of the entire campus. If you want to add a little bit of wow to your beer pong, decorate the cups with some UV graffa tape.

Funny glasses fit a student party like nothing else! The best thing is that everyone can wear a pair of glasses that showcases their personality. How about some giant glasses built from glowsticks? You can also build heart, star tai skull-shaped glasses from glowsticks. Flashing LED sunglasses and shutter glasses also make awesome party accessories.

A ball party is quite self-explanatory: anything round and it’s a deal! Bubbles fit this team perfectly and you can include some extra excitement to them with some UV bubble liquid. The bubbles will glow magically in UV light and create the ultimate party vibe! With the help of a bubble machine machine you can avoid not having someone blow the bubbles manually all evening. You can use LED balloons, giant LED balls and balls built from glowsticks and connectors as décor.

A traditional disco is a classic choice, that takes you down memory lane right back to middle school and those oh-so-awkward first discos. Remember how nerve wrecking it was to ask your crush to slow dance with you? As fast as you go down memory lane, you can come right back to reality: we’re now at an epic student party and the groove is way wilder. Make sure to decorate the venue with a disco ball, smoke machine and UV lights to help get you in the right party mood. Paint some decoration banners with invisible ink, pump up the volume with some classic party songs and give your party crowd some glowsticks. We promise that sometimes a simple idea makes the best party!

Student parties all year round

One of the best things about student parties is that there is always a good reason to throw one! There are also some essential occasions in the student yearly calendar. These are the times the biggest and wildest parties are happening. For example, First of May and different types of kickoff events for the new semester are something you won’t want to miss. In addition to these national dates, each campus hosts their own traditional student parties. Our tips for First of May work great with student parties as well.

For many students the first student party is a memorable moment that might even make them a little nervous. There’s a very special vibe in the air when freshmen gather together to start their student party career. It’s one of those moments in life when you know something epic is about to go down.

Student parties are great, no denying that. However, some people get anxious with just the thought of them. Others might have had bad experiences about student parties and don’t want to participate. If this is the case, it might be good to consider bringing a close friend to the party or just having a party of your own. Student life is about finding yourself and where you stand in the world, so it’s ok to find your own way to have fun and make the best out of parties. Check out our tips for house parties if bigger student parties aren’t your cup of tea!