Terms of delivery

Products are sold by Glow Finland Oy (Business ID: 2592304-7). Glow Finland Oy has a right to change these terms of delivery without a prior notice.

We have a right to cancel the deal if the product has an obvious pricing-mistake (for example a product priced as 100€ is sold for 10€). In a case like this money is returned to the customer or they can replace the product for another one.

When an order is placed, customer is also subscribed to the newsletter. Newsletter can be unsubscribed by clicking the link at the bottom of the email that is sent.

We sell products only for someone who is 18 years old or older, or with an approval by guardian for someone who is less than 18 years old.

All the products in our online store include VAT unless stated otherwise.
1. Methods of payment

Glow Finland Oy offers a huge selection of different payment methods. A perfect list of methods available is listed in our online store and it's also shown in the online store's cart.

Payment made via Checkout is transacted to an account owned by Checkout Finland Oy.

When a purchase is made with a credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard) the deal is made between the customer and Suomen Ostolaskut Oy (2284303-3), which is the receiver of the payment and the official partner of Checkout, who will account the payment for the seller. In this case credit union's associate is Suomen Osuuslaskut Oy.

If payment is made with Everyday-online payment, Glow Finland Oy is the seller of the product and services and is responsible for the shipping and reclamations. Everyday-online payment is a method of payment, an invoicer and a receiver of the payment.

    Onetime payment with an invoice

    No additional costs if payment is done in its entirety by expiration date, the annual interest being 0. Expiration date is at the end of next month.

    Monthly instalments with credit

    Monthly minimum payment is 1/5 of the total amount but atleast 20€. The unpaid amount left after the expiration date will have a montly interest of 5%. Annual interest for a typical 500€ credit is 48,52%.

More specific terms for Everyday-payment and additional information about the credit issuer are specified when paid with Everyday, by the terms of law.
1.1 Invoice

We provide invoicing for companies only. For private customers we recommed Everyday for invoicing.

We sell with an invoice for organizations (companies, corporations, municipalities), which have a business ID. You can make an order with an invoice, if you contact the customer service. You can't choose an invoice as a method of payment in our online store, because we will do a background check for each customer.

Invoicing is made via Trust Kapital, who will send the invoice to the customer on behalf of us. Invoice can be delivered to customer's online billing address, email address or traditionally in mail. Trust Kapital will also take care of the possible collecting. Terms of payment is always 14 days net.

If an order is made by the company we also need a confirmation, that the order is made by a representative of the company. Usually this is done by using  organization's email address and if the customer doesn't have company's email address, we will deliver items to the address found on YTJ (Organization Information System).

Orders less than 100 euros will be added a 10,00 euros small-invoicing-addition.
2. Methods of delivery

Glow Finland Oy aims to deliver all orders as soon as possible. The final delivery time depends on the products that were ordered and the chosen delivery method. Glow Finland aims to make sure, that all the delivery times are updated in our online store. Glow Finland Oy is not responsible for the harm that is resulted by a delayed delivery.

Glow Finland Oy will deliver its products from its Tallinn's warehouse. Some of the products can be delivered straight to the customer from the supplier's or the manufacturer's warehouse.

If the product ordered by the customer is out of stock, the whole order will be held and wait for the missing products to arrive to our warehouse. If some of the products are back ordered, customer will be charged for the shipping by the prices stated in our catalog for shipping methods.

If the customer has chosen a shipping method, which is not possible to deliver with, we will have the right to change the shipping method for the next cheapest or similar option. This can be because of the weight of the order or that the shipping method is not available in all areas, for example. In cases like this, we will not return the possible surplus of the shipping method paid by the customer. The online store is executed so, that situations like this are prevented as well as possible.

Glow Finland Oy provides a comprehensive selection of different kinds of shipment methods. The list of shipment methods is separate.
3. Returns

Purchases have a 180 days right to return. Returns will almost always be charged with 5,90 euros, which will be deducted of the amount to be returned. Dispatching costs will not be returned, if they have been charged when the order was made.

Items returned will have to be in an unopened package and vendible. If these terms are fulfilled, it is possible for the customer to get their money back, unless they want to replace the item. If product's value has decreased, the amount of the refund may be lowered.

When a return is made, one must always be in touch with us with an email or a contact-form, for example. We will return the money on customer's account only after we have received the returned item.

Items must be returned by the instructions provided by us. In other case the customer will be fully responsible of the dispatching charge.
4. Hourly work

Sometimes orders may cause some hourly work, if the customer has some special requirements, for example for packing the order or for marking. If additional hourly work is required, customer's confirmation will be needed before any work will be done.

Hourly wage is 50,00 euros per hour and the smallest amount charged is 0,5 hours. Hourly work can be needed for printed products, if the graphics are not able to be printed and some additional work is needed for editing.
5. Conflict decision

By the directive of EU, merchant has to state a way to settle a conflict, which is in authority between the consumer and the merchant.

If the conflict caused by the deal is not to be resolved with negotiations between both parties, the consumer can pass the conflict to be resolved by The Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi).

Before taking the case to The Consumer Disputes Board, one must be in contact with The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi).

Consumer can take the conflict regarding the deal made in the online store to be resolved by an authority via ODR-forum, if the merchant and the consumer can't resolve the conflict themselves. Consumer can use our email address valotikut at valotikut.fi at the ODR-forum.

A Finnish consumer should still contact The Consumer Disputes Board in the first place to resolve the issue.

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