Tips and instructions for using glowsticks

Glowsticks can be used for several different occasions and purposes. This article is supposed to give some information how you can use glowsticks and to give some good practical tips for use.

Which glowsticks are for me?

We have few different kinds of glowsticks in our online store, and you can use all of them for different purposes. Although some of them are designed to be working better for certain purposes than others, so here are some tips to choose glowsticks. Usually glowsticks are not a good source of light, except for few cases, so usually glowsticks are used for entertainment purposes, tagging or to highlight something. 

Parties, raves, student parties, concerts

For parties, we recommend to use 8-inch glowsticks. These glowsticks will be delivered with attachments, which you can use to make bracelets or necklaces, so glowsticks will always keep up with you. Connectors will also be delivered, so you can make flowers and balls, for example, so the 8-inch glowsticks are an absolute choice for student parties to be attached on your overalls. 8-inch glowsticks will also glow for 20 hours straight, so they will last for a little bit longer party session.

In different parties you can also see some smaller glowsticks, 6-, 4-, and 1,5-inch sticks. The last two ones will come with attachment hooks and necklaces, so you can easily attach them on your clothes, for example. Usually these are hold in hands, though, so 8-inch glowsticks are easier and more effortless to use in parties.

Camping, airsoft, outdoor activities

For camping, airsoft and outdoors we recommend 4- and 6-inch glowsticks. These are very popular especially among airsofters and some of their advantages are easy attachment on gear, good durability and long lasting glow.

For camping and outdoor activities glowsticks are usually used for marking the route. You can see the route or the pit stop even from a long distance when it's dark. All the glowsticks in our store are weatherproof and they can handle strong wind and rain.

The strength and duration of the glow

The strength and duration of the glowsticks depends on the proportions of the chemicals mixed together. In a laboratorio circumstances it is possible to create a glow that lasts only for twenty seconds, but usually the mixture-proportions are so low, that glowsticks can glow for several hours straight. The temperature of the surroundings also effects on the strength of the glow: the warmer it is, the stronger the glow is and the less it lasts. For a maximal glow you will need a higher temperature and for a maximal duration you will need a lower temperature.

There is several glowsticks on the market, which promise to glow stronger than usual. This is done by using strong mixture-proportions, but the same is possible to create at home. Heating up a glowstick or a glowing hairgel will start a chemical reaction and the product starts to glow stronger, but for less time. For a stronger glow the glowproduct needs to be heated only for 10-15 seconds. Beware of heating the products with a temperature too high, because it may break the glowstick or cause some harm for your health if you are using the glowing hair gel.