Tips for hosting the most epic pre-Christmas party

What is a pre-Christmas party?

Pre-Christmas parties are festivities organized in November and December, usually focused around a Christmas theme. Many companies host a pre-Christmas party for their employees as a recreational activity. Pre-Christmas parties are usually quite informal and, unlike the actual Christmas holidays, not very earnest. Pre-Christmas parties are a highlight of the end of the year: everyone dresses up in their best and lets loose! The menu for a pre-Christmas party is usually something related to Christmas, and there are also fun activities and relaxed interaction involved.

The history of pre-Christmas parties is surprisingly very different from the concept we know nowadays, since the roots of these parties are in the advent season. Historically advent is related to a time of fasting before Christmas while waiting for the coming of Christ. After the First World War schools’ began to host small Christmas parties before the actual holidays. Students’ adapted this concept into their own party scene, from which it started to spread to a wider audience.

It’s nice to wind down towards the relaxed and heartfelt holidays after you’ve let out your inner party animal to play at a pre-Christmas party. Christmas parties are filled with good food, fun activities, beautiful décor and unforgettable moments. Office Christmas parties have earned an epic status and are talked about long after the actual party is over. We gathered up some tips on how to organize the most unforgettable pre-Christmas party of the holiday season!


A pre-Christmas party can also be hosted after Christmas despite its name. Since many people have their calendars fully booked for different parties in November and December, it might be hard to find a suitable time to get everyone together. In January everyone has an emptier calendar and also more energy to party. As a bonus, venues and catering are usually cheaper compared to the hottest pre-Christmas season.

Theme for a pre-Christmas party

Even though a traditional Christmas theme is a classic, the theme for the party doesn’t always have to be related to Christmas. The choice of theme is actually up to your imagination! In recent years popular themes have been for example the seventies and nineties, glamour and black&white. If you decide to choose a theme which requires guests to dress up, be sure to inform them well in advance so they have time to put together a proper outfit. Thankfully you don’t have to stress too much about the theme, since it can be as simple as all the guests dressing up in the same color. Glow sticks are great in this case, especially if you choose the sticks to match your theme color!

A glow theme is an easy and inexpensive choice to host a party with attitude and a good festive groove. This theme works particularly well during the pre-Christmas season when it’s dark and gloomy outside. When you stock up on some glowing accessories and décor, you won’t have to worry about someone being a party pooper and not contributing to the theme. Remember to keep in mind that a theme that is too hard to execute will stress the guests out, so always keep it fun and simple to carry out. A party package is a good choice for any party – it pumps up the party atmosphere in an instant!

Traditionally a pre-Christmas party is hosted at home, at the office or at a separate venue. The program usually consists of snacks, drinks, fun show numbers and just some good old hanging out. As an option you can also organize the party related to a certain activity, such as glow in the dark bowling, paintball or something else a bit extreme.


Sometimes a pre-Christmas party leads the whole crew to a night out on the town. Glow sticks are great for lifting up the party spirit, but also perfect for finding your friends that you got separated from at the bar. Just look for glow sticks on the dance floor and you’ll be reunited in no time!

Menu for a pre-Christmas party

The menu for a pre-Christmas party really depends on what the theme and nature of the party is. The common problem around Christmas is that seasonal food is offered so much at different events and people just can’t take it anymore after a certain limit. Thus, you may want to serve something a bit different at your pre-Christmas party. Try something a bit more creative, something modern with only a hint of Christmas.

If you plan to host a pre-Christmas party for a bigger crowd, a buffet style dinner is usually the best option. It’s often easiest to order the buffet from a catering company, especially if you’re planning on feeding a lot of people. If you insist on cooking yourself, be sure to plan and schedule the cooking well, so you won’t ruin your own party mood with too much stress over food. Another option is to host the party potluck style. In this case be sure to organize who brings what or you’ll end up with a whole lot of gingerbread cookies and glogg (a traditional Scandinavian Christmas drink).

If you want something other than a traditional buffet, cocktail type meals are a good choice. Tasty cocktail treats and recipes for them are widely available and rather easy to prepare. Good choices for a pre-Christmas party are for example cheese platters, reindeer and salmon. A more modern and unusual option is a sushi sandwich. The key point of a cocktail type dinner is that every component can be eaten without cutlery. Thus, no need for complex table setting is required. This type of dinner is great for an office Christmas party. Just remember to ask if the guests’ have allergies or other restrictions regarding food so everyone will have something to feast on.

A cheese cake is always a safe choice for the dessert table. You can give it a Christmas twist by using gingerbread for the base and some seasonal spices for the filling. American style cupcakes have become a worldwide hit and they are a trendy and fun option for the holiday season as well.


If you really want to wow your guests, bake some booze cakes. Just be sure to mention that the cakes contain alcohol so they don’t end up eaten by your guests who want to stay sober.

Punch and drinks for a pre-Christmas party

At Pre-Christmas parties there is usually more or less alcohol involved. Especially office Christmas parties give a nice twist to the work community when you see your co-workers in a whole new light after a few drinks. How can you make sure that guests have their glasses full all evening, without overloading them with glogg? A ready-made glogg is alright but if you really want to impress your guests, you can try making your own.


You only need to make glogg from scratch for the beginning of the party. After a few drinks, the cheapest readymade version will work just fine!

Glogg is drink that you can only take so much of. That’s why it’s good to think of some option for it. Luckily there are lots of Christmas style punches and drinks out there. For example a cranberry wassail or a peppermint martini will do the trick! Drinking games are great for pretty much any party and they won’t let you down at a Christmas party either. How would beer pong sound with some Christmas drinks? Whatever you decide to put in your cup, legendary red cups are a great choice and as a bonus, their color matches Christmas time perfectly.

Due to the growing healthy lifestyle trend, there will always be some guests that aren’t excited about sugary drinks or calorie bombs. Get creative and serve these guests some healthy non-alcoholic drinks, such as a pomegranate mojito mocktail or apple, elderflower and mint sparkle. Be sure to stock up on enough non-alcoholic drinks so your guests have the chance to hydrate themselves. Water is always a must to keep the party going!

An office Christmas party

An office Christmas party is something that gets the whole work community talking. Before office Christmas parties used to be just a plate of porridge during a coffee break but nowadays companies really put an effort into hosting memorable parties for their employees.

Coming up with a suitable theme for an office Christmas party can be tricky as it needs to impress so many different types of people. A program and theme built around the company itself always works, as inside humor bonds guests with each other. Other good options for the program are Secret Santa, standup comedy, team pictures taken in a photo booth and different types of fun quizzes. A photo booth works especially well with a Polaroid camera or printer so the guests can take home their photos as memories right away.

Office Christmas parties are especially hard to come up with a great theme, because not everyone likes dressing up or participating in activities outside their comfort zone. A good theme is something that is super easy to execute: a glow theme works great in this case! If the accessories and décor for the party come from the employer, there are no excuses on sitting out. Glow sticks and other party supplies are easy to order all at the same time and preparing them for the party takes literally no time. Glow sticks can be stored for later use, so if you are left with extras, just use them at your next office party or event.


If you have a bigger crowd at your party, it might be hard to get their attention when you have something important to say to everyone. Arm yourself for the evening with a whistle – you’ll be seen and heard for sure!

Dress code for a pre-Christmas party

A common problem while getting ready for a Christmas party (or any party for that matter) is what to wear. Usually there is a dress code mentioned in the invite – this helps you get started on figuring out your outfit. The time of the event also gives clues on what to wear if there is no specific dress code. Before six p.m. it’s common to wear an informal dress, dark lounge suit or morning dress. After six p.m. the proper dress is a dark lounge suit or tuxedo. The male dress code defines what the women should wear. Of course it’s always good to use common since: your close friend might not define a dress code as they are most likely expecting you to arrive like you normally would for a night out, in a relaxed, but festive party look. The program for the party also defines what to wear – there’s a difference in dressing for a cocktail party and a paintball course.

Women often have a hard time figuring out what to wear as there are so many options. A good tip is to invest in a classic little black dress that will work for any party. By changing the style of your hair and makeup you can adapt the dress to suit many types of occasions. Jewelry and accessories are another great way to spice things up. Men can also add something a little extra to their look with accessories – it’s totally ok to look fabulous at a pre-Christmas party! It’s always good to be a little overdressed for the occasion so you won’t have to spend the night being annoyed by your look being too casual.


Your ”works for any party” dress should be stylish but also comfortable. Nothing ruins your groove more than an outfit that you don’t feel great in!

TOP Decor for a pre-Christmas party

Now you’ve got the food, drinks, program and outfit ready to rock the Christmas spirit, so it would be a shame to kill the vibe with a boring venue. You should always plan in advance on how much you want to invest in the décor of the venue and how your plan can be put to action so the venue will look amazing with a reasonable budget. The need for decorations obviously varies at different venues but with a few decorations you can create an uplifting party place in no time.


This decoration doesn’t need an introduction because what would a party be without a disco ball? With this complete disco ball set you can create an epic party atmosphere: turn the disco ball on and blast out your favorite dance hits. Included in the package is a color disk that fills the venue up with different colors as the ball spins.

Flowers made from glow sticks

Wait, flowers for a Christmas party? Why not! Glow flowers work all year round. This package allows you to create either flowers or balls from glow sticks - both work great as decorations for any party.

With glow in the dark decor you can transform any venue from boring to bombshell in an instant. Another good point in glow in the dark décor is that it’s fast and easy to clean up after the party as you need a lot less of them, compared to traditional decorations, to create an awesome atmosphere.

What happens after a pre-Christmas party?

You wake up the morning after and try to gather together pieces of what happened last night. If it was an office Christmas party you might be wondering if you said something embarrassing to your boss or smooched that hot co-worker you can’t stop thinking of. You lie in bed and decide to start a new, healthy and well behaved life tomorrow (or maybe in January). Our tip: don’t think too much, just enjoy life! The holidays are just around the corner and give you a great chance to take a little breather. But don’t get too lazy as New Year’s is just around the corner: you have yet another unforgettable party to plan!