UV Glitter Gel, 10 ml

Do you think that the regular UV paint is so last season? You can tune your face or body to look even better with this UV light glow glitter gel. The gel includes glitter, which creates a very impressive look.


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This glitter gel creates a more impressive look than regular UV paint. The gel reacts to the UV light by starting to glow, just like regular UV paint or gel. What makes this gel spectacular, is the mixture of glitter pieces in the gel. They cause the surface to "glimmer".

This UV gel is easy to apply: spread a visible layer on your face or skin using fingers. The gel will dry on the skin, but can be washed off with soap and water. You can also make impressive paintings by using several layers of different coloured gels.

UV glitter gel is perfect for a New Year's Eve party to bring some extra sparkle ja glow to the changing year.

The size of the package is 10 ml, which is sufficient for sharing a small amount of gel between several people, or several applications of gel for one person.

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