Neon UV Glitter Body Gel Box Set


Glitter paints that glow in UV light are the essence of this complete UV Glitter Gel Set. The set includes six different Glitter UV Gel colours and other tools needed for creating dashing UV paintings. UV keychain, which is a great help in creating your make up, comes with the delivery.


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This Complete UV Glitter Gel Set includes six different colours (red, blue, yellow, pink, green and orange). The gel includes glitter, which makes the decorations glint even in daylight. 

The package includes a paint brush for creating greater detail, and a sponge for applying the gel evenly. Packaging in itself can be used as a palette, on which the gel can be simply squeezed out of the tube. Paint can then be applied with a brush or a sponge onto the skin. The UV keychain, which comes with the delivery, can be used to check the effect of the Glitter Paint in UV light.

There is 13 ml of each colour in the set. Approximately 10ml of paint is needed for an adult's full facial paint. This set can, therefore, be used for 6-7 paintings that cover the whole face. Significantly less paint is required for children or partial facial decorations.

For bigger events, in which you will require a larger amount of paint, we recommend these 10 ml glitter gel tubes.

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