UV Gaffa Tape (width 19 mm)

This narrow tape glows in the UV light, and is excellent for marking the dance floor. Select the colour of your choice or a combination of colours for "drawing" on walls and floors. For example, you can draw instructions on how to find the bathroom. The tape is waterproof and also suitable outdoor use.


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A tape that glows in the UV light can be used e.g. for decoration or for marking the dance floor. The tape is 19 millimeters wide, and one roll holds 25 meters. This tape model is "Gaffa Tape": it is very similar to duct tape and can stand water. According to the manufacturer, the tape is suitable for outdoor use.

You can attach cords, or use the tape for decorating. For decoration purposes, we recommend for you to purchase a range of colours to create impressive effects on floors or walls.

For attaching purposes, we recommend our UV tape in 50 mm width.

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