UV light for E14 base


These light bulbs, which fit into a regular E14 base, will prepare your apartment for a party. These can be installed on regular household lamps, which will guarantee a quick and easy installation. UV light bulbs work like any other UV lights.


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The black UV light creates a unique atmosphere. These UV light bulbs with E14 base, will help you create a bar atmosphere at home.

Installing is easy: screw the UV light bulb on a regular E14 socket lamp, and switch it on like any other household lamp. UV light makes UV paints glow nicely in different colours. Some other clothes also glow in the UV light. To enhance this effect, you can dye your clothes with a special UV paint for fabric.

This light bulb has 11W, and it fits in a regular E14 socket. An approximate lifetime for this UV light is 5000 hours, so it will bring joy to many parties. The light can be screwed off and put in the closet to wait for the next party.

We also have a UV light that fits E27 base. 

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