UV light for E27 base


A UV light that shines with 1 watts is sufficient to transform any room into a party venue! UV products, in particular, react to this light, but also many regular clothes and materials do. This light can be attached to an E27 base, and therefore, it fits regular household lamps.


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These black light bulbs, by Omnilux, are familiar from clubs. With these, you can create a party atmosphere that glows even further. Adults and children alike get excited about UV lights: it is no surprise that black light lamps are favoured by many professionals.

These UV lights will light up a smaller room. Installation is easy, because the light bulb fits in a regular E27 base. For a bigger space, you might want to invest on several UV lights at once.

This light has 1W, and its lifetime is about 20 000 hours. You can enjoy the light for a long time, and can continue to use it also at the next party.

We also have a smaller UV light for E 14 base.

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